Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Original Art Sale on Jasmere Tomorrow

Although I'd love to be able to display original pieces of art in my home, usually the artists' works I love are so expensive I end up framing the creations of my children instead.  (Seriously avant garde, I know.) And besides, I need plenty of wall space to display photographs of my beautiful children - our family's best works of art, right?
Well get this - Jasmere.com, my favorite discount daily deal shopping site and a local business run by parents in Silver Spring  - will be featuring professionally-commissioned art by amazing artist Lisa Golightly of Kiki & Polly
on extreme discount. 
This means that you'll be able to commission a professional piece of art painted from a photograph of your kids for 70% off...at least!  

All those photos pictured above?  They were paintings of real childen that Lisa painted for their parents.  And when you hang that original piece in your home, you'll be displaying an art investment piece and portrait of your kid.  

I think this is the ultimate gift to a parent or a highly personal design item for a home.  

Just sign up at Jasmere.com to receive their daily deal alerts (by the way, today's is REUSE denim jeans and jean skirts for $42 or less and this high-fashion, eco-friendly denim is butter soft and usually costs $100 or mor.)  The Kiki & Polly artwork sale is tomorrow, Wednesday February 17.  Don't miss it! 

And check out more incredile art at Kiki & Polly to see examples of what you could have commissioned for your home. 

I was not compensated in any way for this post. 

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