Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hot Handbags

hayden chick
Oh hottie handbag, you make me feel like a natural make me feel!!

I considered calling this product post "Purse Porn" but that's just gross. I'm so glad that I am way too classy and moral to actually
publish such filth.

Anyways, there are some incredible post-Christmas sales going on and one of the best items to gift to yourself is a fabulous new handbag. Here are the best picks from APISS:


Hayden-Harnett Sloane Crossbody Handbag $145 (down from $485!) Pictured on the cute chick above, the sale on this big roomy bordeaux or blueberry leather bag with antique brass detailing by Hayden-Harnett is like retail Zoloft. Even if you have to pack a Princess Pull-Up or sippy cup within you'll still feel like your former hottie single self.

Joe's Jeans Celine Hobo $149 I love this jean genius's purses. Check out the pleats in the leather on this baby at right.

B. Makowsky Lisbon Shoulder Bag $277-298 Boho chic and the opposite of boring.


Angie & Lola Patent Tote Bag $24.49 (on clearance!) Got to love Target for keeping us in the black with awesome black bags like this one, at left.

Roxy Gracie Satchel $36 I love this triangular tote in red.

Nine West Avant Charm Medium Hobo $43.45 This bag is butter soft and sporting luxurious details lacking in some high end designs. Lots of color options.

Kathy Van Zeeland Croc N Roll Handbag $79.90-99 Relatively reasonable and rockin', Kathy's bags are always a fab gift.


Kate Spade Noel Eloise $89.98 (down from $295!) Sassy silver or chocolate nylon in Spade's signature pattern for fancy nights out or adding zing to simple jeans and a tee.

Coach Carly $274.11
In shades of brown or black, this is the best of the Big C bunch, in my humble opinion. Genuine brass and leather trim.

Bulga Le Petit Clutch $363 This asymmetric clutch is adorable and oh so freaking chic that I just can't stand it.

Wow, that was fun. I can just smell the new purse scent and feel the individual chamois bags. If you were on the hunt for a handbag, I hope I helped you a teensy bit and that you had one-eighth of the fun reading this as I had writing it. Happy handbag shopping!

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