Sunday, January 4, 2009

GIVEAWAY: Three copies of What to Do About Alice? and other new, interesting books for kids

UPDATE: The giveaway winners are Rhea, Leticia and Janelle. Congrats all!

Read below my new book recommendations for kids, with a giveaway of three hardcover copies of What to Do About Alice? thanks to Scholastic! Just leave a comment here with any new kid book recommendations of your own!


What to Do About Alice?: How Alice Roosevelt Broke the Rules, Charmed the World and Drove Her Father Teddy Crazy! By Barbara Kerley, illustrated by Edwin Fotheringham. As we anticipate the Obama girls moving into the White House, we can learn about a First Daughter of yesteryear: Alice Lee Roosevelt. A boisterous, curious, energetic denizen of 1600 Pennsylvania NW, Alice drove Father Teddy bonkers and ran riot. Forget Labrodoodles - Alice had a pet snake! As you explain the inauguration to your children this month and they hear more about Malia and Sasha, this spirited biography will give the kids some historical perspective. Leave a comment with a new kids' book rec and you can win one of THREE new hardcover copies, your 2009 gift from Scholastic!

More recommendations by APISS:

The Elephant Wish by Lou Berger and illustrated by Ana Juan. The head writer of Sesame Street completely captivated me this weekend when shopping for a birthday present at my favorite store. Berger's weird and wonderful story of Eliza Prattlebottom's hopes for an elephant to take her away comes true and the plot twists and turns and delights. The pictures are like Tim Burton-Very Lite, surreal and beautiful and unlike anything I have ever seen in my serious perusal of kids' lit these last five years.

The Giant Golden Book of Elves and Fairies by Jane Werner and beautifully illustrated by Garth Williams (of Charlotte's Web and Little House fame.) A charming collection of "boy and girl fairy," elf and pixie stories first published in 1951 and reintroduced for our kids' generation this year. Jane Werner was one of the queens of the Golden Books, writing under a dozen different names and authoring more than 70 of those precursors to board books.

Too Many Toys by David Shannon. I love love David Shannon's writing and pictures and the facial expressions he draws. This tale of a kid with mountains of stuff is PERFECT for the over-indulged or packrat child that needs to clean out his/her paper towel tube sypyoscope and Happy Meal toy collections or anyone in need of a laugh.

Bad Dog Marley! by John Grogan, illustrated by Richard Cowdrey. Don't worry, you won't need 10 boxes of Kleenex for this kids' picture book version of Marley and Me. It simply tells the tale of that crazy yellow Lab puppy and shows the beauty of loving a pet, flaws and all.

Michael Recycle by Ellie Bethel, illustrated by Alexandra Colombo. This book came out right before Earth Day '08 and is a fun eco-savvy tale of a boy wonder that is saving the planet through teaching the world to recycle-reuse-renew. Kids will love this caped crusader and the green message is appropriately educational and mellow.

Fancy Nancy's Favorite Fancy Words: From Accessories to Zany by Jane O'Connor, illustrated by Robin Preiss-Glasser. If you have a girly-girl on your hands that is learning new words at lightning speed and dances plaintive ballet solos to the ABC song, this is the book for you. I swear, it satisfies your pink-obsessed princess and teaches vocabulary.

And thanks to Tiffany of The Pajama Squid, my family and I adore The Boy Who Wouldn't Share by Mike Reiss, illustrated by Davide Catow. Check out the hilarious review by one angel-like little sister who benevolently shared with her greedy big bro (and obviously, is totally over it):

Best of luck in winning one of the three copies of What to Do About Alice! Do you too have any new book recommendation? Please tell!

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