Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Speed Racer, The Videogame for Sony PlayStation 2 $19.99
Rated E for everyone - recommended for ages 6 and up
Yay! A car race video game without guns! The PS2 game is based on the newish motion picture based on the American cartoon we grew up with based on the anime and Japanese manga show Mach GoGoGo based on a comic book...and this is where my geekometer putters out.

The race cars go up to 400 mph, perform tricks and fight against rival racers by smashing, jumping, flipping and spinning other cars off the track. That's a bit violent, so I put this over on the teen gift guide. Players can choose from more than 19 characters from the film and actors Emile Hirsch, Matthew Fox and Christina Ricci provided voices.
Leave a comment for a chance to win one of two giveaway copies of Speed Racer The Videogame for PS2!

OGIO Taylor Skate Back Pack $50
OGIO’s Taylor Back Pack features a system for your skater teen to carry a board, a laptop in a suspended interior padded sleeve, an MP3 player in the special audio pocket with headphone exit port. Oh, it carries books and folders too in the main compartment. The new OGIO RCS the skateboard is placed graphic side down on the pack using a traditional skate strap on the bottom portion. 30 year warranty that the pack can withstand the wear and tear of hanging out with your kid. Great style AND construction.
One lucky APISS reader will receive their own OGIO Taylor Skate Pack in the CatTracks stripe. Leave a comment and it could be you!

Butch & Harold Sticker "Frames" - Set of 8 $19.99
Let your teen customize his or her room without putting a zillion holes in the wall! These sticky Stickr frames showcase photos in a trendy, stylish, wall-damage-free way. Simply peel off the backing, attach your photos and stick on the wall. With Stickr (frame) you can create a whole gallery of pics in minutes! One lucky reader will win their very own 8 frame set! Just leave a comment below.

The Cabinet of Wonders by Marie Rutkoski, hardcover novel at The Pajama Squid $16.95
Brimming with magic, political intrigue, and heroism, this debut novel kicks off a riveting new series featuring Petra Kronos, a young girl who risks everything to protect those she loves.

The Calder Game by Blue Balliet, Illustrated by Brett Helquist hardcover novel at The Pajama Squid $17.99
History, art and beautiful illustrations merge in this fun mystery for tweens. Calder Pillay travels with his father to a remote village in England and is inexplicably drawn to a sculpture of Alexander Calder. Both the boy and the sculpture seem out of place. Then, they both disappear. Calder’s friends must help Calder’s father find him.

Meeting Lizzy by SarahBeth Carter $8.95
If you heard a strange noise from the apartment upstairs, would you make an effort to find out what happened? What if something happened, but the victim begged you to leave it alone? This teen thriller will answer those questions and engross your young Law & Order addict with an actual novel. Leave a comment and one winner will receive their own new copy!

The Masala Bhangra Workout For Kids $19.95
Get couch potato kids on their feet with this cool Indian dance workout video. This easy but fun helps kids and families stay in shape while dancing around Indian style and more importantly - together! Sarina Jain, the "Jane Fonda of India" leads the workout and it's lots of fun. I like to pretend I'm in a big Bollywood dance number in my family room. One lucky reader will win their own copy - so comment below!

ESPN Jeopardy! $24.95
For the sports fan: The game combines the quiz show Jeopardy! with ESPN and features over 1,000 sports themed answers. Categories include “ESPN’s Players You Love to Hate,” “Ballparks & Arenas,” “ESPN Personalities,” “NBA Head Coaches” and much more. The game box includes a standing answer board, an electronic buzz-in unit with four different sports-themed sounds and an ESPN-themed final “Jeopardy!” timer.

Nerf Rocket Pass Peyton Manning Football with Lights! $15.99
The football game can continue, even on dark fall evenings! This light-up NERF football has two exciting modes, one keeps the ball lit up to never lose sight of the ball, the other mode lights up when kids throw a perfect spiral pass. An easy-access button helps easily switch and it comes with passing tips from Peyton Manning, Includes 2 AAA batteries.

Voice Lessons To Go CD $19.99
Are you housing the next American Idol? Private voice training has been expensive but Ariella Vaccarino, an opera singer and experienced teacher based in Los Angeles has produced this CD that makes singing lessons accessible. Voice Lessons To Go Vol 1 is an innovative, fun, flexible vocal training program just perfect for your singing teen. Leave a comment and maybe win the CD!

iHome MP3/iPod Stereo Speaker System $24.99
Nope, you don't need to get your teen that fancy Bose docking station for his or her iPod but kids cannot live by headphones alone. This portable speaker system from iHome does the trick, allowing kids to play music from their MP3 player in the open air for great value. We have one, in teenybopper pink thank you very much, and the sound from the speaker chamber is fantastic for such a small unit. Operates on four AAA batteries and comes with a cool carrying case.

Discovery Kids Biometric Safe $24.99
Voice-recognition technology protects kids' allowance and valuables in the Discovery Kids Biometric Safe. It works by detecting the sound waves of the owner's voice and features a handy shelf and drawer. Keeps special stuff safe and organized...and secret. Leave a comment and one lucky APISS reader will receive their own!

The Hannah Montana Glitter Studio $14.99
This set featuring everyone's favorite singing, twang-talking teen is jam-packed with art supplies. Includes Shimmer & Shine Art Glazes, Paper Stencils, Stickers, Markers, Jewels, Message Cards, Art Pad, Glitter Pens and Watercolor Tray with Brush. With over 100 pieces, young fans can spend hours creating their very own Hannah-themed stationery. One lucky kid will receive their own set under the tree if you comment below!

Shains Ware Bracelets with 60 pieces of flair $12
Shain's is a fun, cool eco-friendlyway for your teen or tween to express themselves. Elements include the alphabet and cute icons.
You can also buy Shains at the Crab Soup Cook-Off in Annapolis at the Naval Academy Stadium on Saturday, Nov 22, Be Beep in Severna Park and at Tree Tops Kids in McLean and Potomac. FIVE lucky commenters will win one - leave your comment and it could be you!

Discovery Kids Paper Recycling Studio $20.99
It's an art project AND a lesson in recycling when kids reuse old everyday paper to create works of art. A great way to make holiday cards or pass an afternoon indoors. Kids grind paper to pulp then form sheets of different sizes and shapes, adding organic material for special flair. For ages 8 and up. One lucky commenter will win their own set!

Tassi Hair Band $14.99
This new hair accessory looks like a huge scrunchy or a showercap with a hole in it, but it is actually a great invention: It pulls hair out of the face for a face washing or make-up application AND DOES NOT MESS UP THE HAIR DO. This would have been HUGE for getting me out the door when I was 15 and obsessed with my bangs. If you have a daughter that is a slave to the flat iron or other tedious hair torture, this is the product for her. And for you actually getting places on time. You can thank me later.
Leave a comment and you could receive a free hot pink Tassi in the mail from APISS!

iFrogz iPhone cover $14.99
Keep that iPhone 3G in pristine condition and show your styley side with the iFrogz case! The 100% silicone cases offer a smooth, high tech design and are treated with a proprietary anti-dust technology to help it repel lint and dirt. Includes a screen protection film. Also has a little hole in the back so you can still snap pics. Fancy! (Tiffany of The Pajama Squid has one in red and loves it. And you know how stylish is she!)
Leave a comment for a chance to win your own iFrogz iPhone cover in gunmetal grey!

iStik magnetic iPod carrier $24.95-$26.95
The ultimate iPod accessory, iStik’s fastening system is the ideal way of putting your music where you want. Encase your iPod (2nd or 3rd generation) in the iStik bracket and attach it to virtually any part of your outfit, similar to the fastening of a magnetized name badge. The iStik is able to keep up with any activity using eight high-tech magnets to secure your iPod.

Bring Your Own Bug Reusable Totes by Eco-Bags $14.99
Get your teen into using, or reusing, an eco-friendly bag when she cruises the mall. The cute totes by Eco-Bags are a great intro. They're made from recycled and all natural fair wage/fair labor/fair trade cotton and 20% of proceeds from each bag purchase is donated to MS research. With a cute "Bring Your Own Bag Bug" slogan and a choice of butterflies, spiders or other characters on the front, they're stylish too. Leave a comment and one lucky reader will win their own butterfly bag!

Discovery Kids FRS Walkie Talkie Watches $29.95
With 22 channels and a super high frequency, kids can play spy and communicate up to 1.5 miles away from each other! It has a voice activated mode that transmits when you start talking. There are ear buds for covert communications and the set is expandable - you can add more sets for a larger network. Forget the kids, this is so Mission Impossible, I want these!

Ingenious laser-cut durable corrugated board holds these chess and checker pieces so tight you can’t shake them off. Outperforms allother portable sets, even to the point of throwing it back and forth while playing. Economical, sustainable, elegant, totally original!

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