Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Circle of Family $49 and and My Kids Are One of a Kind $35 Gold & Sterling Silver Hand Stamped Necklaces by Simag Designs
Simag Design's pieces are all handmade originals made with a commitment and reverence of family. The handstamping is lovely and the all materials used are fine-jewelry-grade. Designer Sima Gilady will also design a specific piece for you.

Sarah Pinto 2009 Weekly Planners $25
Sarah Pinto's 2009 Weekly Planners are a simple, functional and eco-friendly organizational solution. These durable planners measure 5x7 and are made with high-quality recycled paper, soy-based ink and available in five unique cover designs. One lucky commenter will win the planner of her choice!

Cable Twist Scarves by Bombshell Studios $45
Do you have time to knit your loved ones a scarf and do they look presentable when you're through? I can't, so thank goodness for Melissa Wilkins of Bombshell Studios, an online Etsy shop for winter accessories. These beautiful scarves are available in a wide array of colors and custom orders are welcome. Leave a comment and one lucky winner will get the chance to choose the cable twist scarf of her choice!

S N A P Design Clutch Purse/Makeup Bag $18 and Coin Purse $16

SNAP Design handbags and accessories are the creations of Michelle Kline, and they are so cool! Constructed from an assortment of colorful vinyl with complimentary fabric lining and design colors, each bag is one of a kind. The handcrafted clutch/makeup bags and coin purses with their decorative top stitching are great on their own or within your everyday handbag. One lucky APISS reader will win a matching set of a clutch purse/makeup bag and coin purse in the olive and light blue combo pictured at left!

CVS/pharmacy In-Store Photo Book $12.99
This is the type of gift that doesn't cost much money but always hits it out of the park. The CVS/pharmacy Photo Book is a hard-cover bound photo book that displays your photos along with captions on high-quality Kodak paper. The Photo Book is made using the in-store Picture Kiosk and lets you customize pages with a wide selection of themes to choose from. Great for grandparents! One lucky commenter will win a coupon to make their own hardcover photo book at CVS!

Cosabella Forever Low Rise Hotpant at ChicMystique $32
There's three things I can't stand: the thong, overpacking on trips and VPL. Which is why I dig Cosabella panties. These hotpants are comfy and eliminate all lines beneath clothes or above waistbands with no wedgie required. The lightweight mesh is perfect for travel. You just handwash at night, hang up and they are clean and dry in the morning. Is it a sign of age that I actually LIKE receiving socks and underwear for Christmas? Leave a comment and you could receive your own pair of sensible AND sexy Cosabella undies!

Scandle Candle in Travel Tin $12.95
The Scandle is a candle that burns at 2 degrees above body temperature to produce a soothing oil for massage, manicures/pedicures or as a daily moisturizer. Made from 100% natural vegan ingredients including soy butter, shea butter, aloe vera, jojoba & vitamin E; The Scandle is the first candle that is healthy for your skin & the environment. TEN lucky commenters will receive their very own Scandle!

become: Body Scrub $17
I am OBSESSED with how well this scrub revitalizes my winter skin. It polishes away the roughest skin on elbows, heels, hands and reveals younger skin beneath. It smells great and does not irritate my sensitive, break-out prone skin. One lucky commenter will get to try this out too when she receives her own tube!

Freshwater Pearl Studs 7-8mm for only $35 + discount
This simple yet elegant set of white freshwater pearl earrings is a classic gift. Pearls of Joy uses AA+ 7.5mm freshwater pearls that have a bright shine with iridescent multi-colored overtones. Mounted on solid 14kt yellow gold posts and made of almost solid nacre, these earrings will be enjoyed for years to come. Earrings come with a 3rd party appraisal, a certificate of authenticity and a 90 day return policy. APISS readers get the exclusive discount code "15off" for all Pearls of Joy purchases!

YourNovel Personalized Paperback Romance Novel $39.95
One of the most hilarious and unique items in the gift guide - a personalized romance novel for that woman who loves bodice rippers! Plug in the names, locations, other personal details and create a fun romance story that is all about the great romance of the woman in your life. The book will answer questions like Will the couple succumb to perils natural or manmade? Or will their love shelter them from the storm?

Karafe: The Board Game for Wine Enthusiasts $45.99
My husband and I reviewed this game with our wine expert brother and sister in law and had a fabulous time. This is the perfect, easy party plan geared around wine tasting. It's a lot like Monopoly, with each player a vintner trying to best the others through acquiring capital, acres, harvesting, bottling. The questions are fun and include tasting options too. (Wine not included.) Wine can be intimidating, but we had fun learning more the grapes, wines and industry in a creative, inclusive atmosphere. A great gift for the board game and wine lover. One lucky commenter will win their own brand new Karafe board game!

Bursting Blooms Bouquet Necklace by Beads in the Belfry $47 Original design by Beads In The Belfry of handwoven sterling silver and Czech glass flowers. A variety of bloom colors are available - a great, original gift for the jewelry lover. Readers of APISS can receive a 10% discount on orders (before shipping) with the coupon code MOCO through December 10th. The difference will be refunded via PayPal once orders are placed.

Five Good Minutes: 100 morning practices to help you stay calm & focused all day long $14.95 These 100 simple practices are designed to help even the busiest person start the day right. What difference can five minutes make in the crazy, nonstop course of a sixteen-hour day? A little time well spent can lead to extraordinary changes and this book shows you how to dramatically improve your life in just a few moments each day. Leave a comment and this serenity can be yours!

RomantaTherapy® Radiant Bubble Bath by Passion Parties $17
With bubbles that sparkle and an aromatic plumeria fragrance, this delightful bubble bath makes every seas
on a most wonderful time of the year. New to the Passion Parties exclusive RomantaTherapy line. Leave a comment for your chance to receive your own bubble bath bottle! All readers receive a 15% discount, and all orders of $75 or more (after the discount) receive a free gift. Code is: GIFT08


The Mommy Apron $35
We've all been there: that cute outfit we scrimped and saved for is now a casualty of cooking, crafting or clumsiness. Silver Spring attorney and mother of three Stacey Ferguson decided to strike back and save her outfits with style, and The Mommy Apron™ was born. A combination chef's apron, art smock, crafting coverup, and gardening tool holder, this cute apron combines fashion and function. Treated denim remains stain-resistant, no matter how many times it is machine washed. The printed grosgrain ribbon adds a preppy touch and the deep pockets provide "extra hands" and tool storage. A single button fastener makes for easy nursing.

Mary Kay Satin Hands® Pampering Set $30
Now you're one step closer to softness. The Satin Hands® Satin Smoothie® Hand Scrub cleanses and exfoliates and the hand creams deeply moisturize. It's an everyday treat for hands to leave them feeling smooth and soft instantly in three easy steps.
One lucky reader will receive her own Satin Hands Set! All orders receive a 10% discount, and all orders of $40 or more (after the discount) receive a free gift. Enter note in comments section of order: APISS Guide

UPEK Eikon To Go Portable Fingerprint Reader for a PC or Mac $49.99
A great holiday gift for the high tech gadget gal AND a way to protect one's computer from identity fraud, the UPEK Eikon To Go is a computer lock that reads the user's fingerprint. So James Bond! But it also provides regular blokes with an easy, safe, convenient way to log on, lock and unlock computers (no more control, alt, delete and password), protect sensitive documents, and if nothing else, get peace of mind that our sensitive information is protected from fraud.This is great for the chick who can never remember computer passwords, works in finance or travels with the laptop a good deal. Connects to either a PC or a MAC. One lucky commenter will win their own - leave a few words below!

Gourd Birdhouses by Blue Rock Gourds $12
Blue Rock Gourds is a family run indie arts cottage business owned and operated by Cliff & Wendy Overdorf. These handmade gourd birdhouses are true works of art and will be beautiful additions to the birdlover's outdoor sanctuary. Two lucky commenters will get to choose the $12 gourd birdhouse of their choice!

Mary Kay Body Care Sets in Glistening Winterberry and Creamy Frosted Vanilla both $26
These yummy pampering sets include body spray, body wash and body butter for layering the seasonal scents, and the package is already gift-wrapped inside a cute mesh bag with a gift tag.

The Balanced Mom: Raising Your Kids Without Losing Yourself $14.95
Author and life coach Bria Simpson tells mothers "Taking care of you is not just okay-it's essential." Her book offers dozens of simple tips to help you create the time and space you need to reconnect with your self, separate from your children. One lucky reader that comments below will receive her own copy!

Ingenious laser-cut durable corrugated board holds these chess and checker pieces so tight you can’t shake them off. Outperforms allother portable sets, even to the point of throwing it back and forth while playing. Economical, sustainable, elegant, totally original!

Tastebook Personalized Recipe Book $19.95-34.95
TasteBook is the best place on the web to create personal hardcover cookbooks, easily organize recipes, and share favorite
recipes with friends. Upload your own family recipes or use TasteBook's database of more than 100,000 recipes from major lifestyle magazines and leading recipe websites. Make a memorable holiday gift for your friends and family!

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