Tuesday, November 4, 2008


UPEK Eikon To Go Portable Fingerprint Reader for a PC or Mac $49.99
A great holiday gift for the high tech gadget guy AND a way to protect one's computer from identity fraud, the UPEK Eikon To Go is a computer lock that reads the user's fingerprint. So James Bond! But it also provides regular blokes with an easy, safe, convenient way to log on, lock and unlock computers (no more control, alt, delete and password), protect sensitive documents, and if nothing else, get peace of mind that our sensitive information is protected from fraud.This is great for the dude who can never remember computer passwords, works in finance or travels with the laptop a good deal. Connects to either a PC or a MAC. One lucky commenter will win their own - leave a few words below!

House of Jerky All Flavors Variety Pack $36.99
This is what I'm getting the man in my life that has everything: my 92 year old grandpa. (If my other man, my husband, doesn't rip open the package like a werewolf before December 25th. ) These jerkies are all delicious, healthy, the best I have ever tasted. High in protein and made the old fashioned way, sliced from lean whole premium top round steak. It is not ground, chopped, processed or formed into strips. Delicious. Check out the stocking stuffer section of the APISS Gift Guide for another great jerky gift idea...and giveaway. Leave a comment and a lucky reader will receive 2 packs from House of Jerky!

Grill Charms $4 each, $19.95 for a set of 6
Just as a wine charm helps you keep track of your shiraz, Grill Charms™ help grillers and guests receive their steak exactly the way they want it. Place the dime-sized solid stainless steel charms in food before grilling and they'll stay put through flipping. Designed with cute images or R for rare, W for well, etc. Great gift for the BBQ king or queen that likes to entertain. One commenter will receive a grill charm to give their king of the grill!

Karafe: The Board Game for Wine Enthusiasts $45.99
My husband and I reviewed this game with our wine expert brother and sister in law and had a fabulous time. This is the perfect, easy party plan geared around wine tasting. It's a lot like Monopoly, with each player a vintner trying to best the others through acquiring capital, acres, harvesting, bottling. The questions are fun and include tasting options too. (Wine not included.) Wine can be intimidating, but we had fun learning more the grapes, wines and industry in a creative, inclusive atmosphere. A great gift for the board game and wine lover. One lucky commenter will win their own brand new Karafe board game!

ESPN Jeopardy! $24.95
The game combines the quiz show Jeopardy! with ESPN and features over 1,000 sports themed answers. Categories include “ESPN’s Players You Love to Hate,” “Ballparks & Arenas,” “ESPN Personalities,” “NBA Head Coaches” and much more. The game box includes a standing answer board, an electronic buzz-in unit with four different sports-themed sounds and an ESPN-themed final “Jeopardy!” timer.

iFrogz iPhone cover $14.99
Keep that iPhone 3G in pristine condition and show your styley side with the iFrogz case! The 100% silicone cases offer a smooth, high tech design and are treated with a proprietary anti-dust technology to help it repel lint and dirt. Includes a screen protection film. Also has a little hole in the back so you can still snap pics. Fancy! (Tiffany of The Pajama Squid has one in red and loves it. And you know how stylish is she!)
Leave a comment for a chance to win your own iFrogz iPhone cover in gunmetal grey!

Remington 7-in-1 Personal Groomer $20.99
This versatile, cordless groomer makes it easy for guys to create and maintain their own stylish facial hair – from precision trimming and styling, to close shaves. It features 10 adjustable settings for clipping sideburns, necks and a variety of hair lengths, as well as five adjustable settings for all styles of facial hair -- goatees, soul patches, light two-day stubble, moustaches or beards of any length. It also has an ear and nose hair trimmer for, um, that not-so-stylish hair. The rechargeable unit comes with self-sharpening titanium-coated blades for sharp, precise cuts. Leave a comment, one lucky APISS reader will win his own!

Remington ShortCut Hair Clipper $29.99
Remington has made the world’s first-ever clipper system designed to allow guys to cut their own hair error-free – without uneven edges or missed spots in the back of the head. The built-in guide comb adjusts to five hair lengths, ranging from 1/8” to ½,” and there’s a balding comb attachment for extra close cuts. The bi-directional blades cut back and forth in half the time of ordinary clippers, and the self-sharpening blades are rinseable for easy cleaning. Leave a comment, gain a chance to win this for yourself or the DIY hair guy you love!


The Original Chillow $39.95
I love my Chillow. It has transformed restless nights to peaceful sleep. It makes my pillow feel as if it has just been flipped over to the cool side. All. Night. Long. You stick this flat pillow-sized godsend 'neath your pillow (or on top of it if you're really hot or headachey) and the magical stuff inside makes your head feel relaxingly cool. Perfect for that restless sleeper. The SoothSoft folks call it "comfort technology." I'm calling Stockholm.

Speed Racer, The Videogame for Sony PlayStation 2 $19.99
Rated E for everyone - recommended for ages 6 and up
Yay! A car race video game without guns! The PS2 game is based on the newish motion picture based on the American cartoon we grew up with based on the anime and Japanese manga show Mach GoGoGo based on a comic book...and this is where my geekometer putters out.

The race cars go up to 400 mph, perform tricks and fight against rival racers by smashing, jumping, flipping and spinning other cars off the track. Players can choose from more than 19 characters from the film and actors Emile Hirsch, Matthew Fox and Christina Ricci provided voices. Leave a comment for a chance to win one of two giveaway copies of Speed Racer The Videogame for PS2!

2xist Carbon Square Cut Trunk at HisRoom $22
Dudes need new underwear too! These boxer briefs look sharp, are comfy and are great for active guys. The wicking whisks sweat away and the fabric's infused with bamboo charcoal so it offers antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties. This is a loving, giving way to get him to stop scratching.

Pampered Chef Ice Cream Dipper $14.50
I've had mine for years and about once a year I gift one to an ice cream lover, newly married couple, college kid just equipping his first kitchen. Everyone loves it. It instantly warms in your hand thanks to a nontoxic defrosting liquid core, and can therefore scoop up even the hardest packed frozen treats. It cuts down on freak outs from impatient kids (or adults) screaming for ice cream.

The Amazing Bottle Popper - Japanese Beer Bottle Opener $7.99-$9.99
Cousins brought us one of these amazing beer bottle openers from Japan six years ago, and at parties it never fails to amaze someone. We've even had to stop people people from pocketing this amazing tool. You can hold a baby on your hip and open a beer with one hand. Handy! The plain bottle popper is $7.99, add your fave team or beer brand logo for an extra $2.

CVS/pharmacy In-Store Photo Book $12.99
A great gift for the softie dad or grandpa that is impossible to gift. The CVS/pharmacy Photo Book is a hard-cover bound photo book that displays your photos along with captions on high-quality Kodak paper. The Photo Book is made using the in-store Picture Kiosk and lets you customize pages with a wide selection of themes to choose from. One lucky commenter will win a coupon to make their own hardcover photo book at CVS!

iStik magnetic iPod carrier $24.95-$26.95
The ultimate iPod accessory, iStik’s fastening system is the ideal way of putting your music where you want. Encase your iPod (2nd or 3rd generation) in the iStik bracket and attach it to virtually any part of your outfit, similar to the fastening of a magnetized name badge. The iStik is able to keep up with any activity using eight high-tech magnets to secure your iPod.

Ingenious laser-cut durable corrugated board holds these chess and checker pieces so tight you can’t shake them off. Outperforms all other portable sets, even to the point of throwing it back and forth while playing. Economical, sustainable, elegant, totally original!

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