Monday, February 22, 2010

I Love The View and I'm Proud

OK, OK, SNL is great but I love The View, the real deal, even more.  Of course, I dressed as Barbara Walters for Fourth Grade Career Day in 1984, borrowing my mom's big career woman bow-tie blouse and begging my grandma to style my stick-straight hair in hot rollers for that on-air coif.  I started watching The View in 1997 as a college senior, the very first season when Debbie Matenopoulos was the twenty-something voice of America.  No thanks to working office jobs, I had to take frequent View hiatuses from 1997-2004, checking in only via Talk Soup and those rare sick days when I Barb and the girls comforted me as I moaned from the coach.

But one of the perks from dropping out of corporate America to raise my kids (Elisabeth would be so proud) is that I have been able to be a semi-regular View-er since Charlie was born.   And when we sprung for DVR  in 2005, whoa-ho, I got to jump on the regular-viewing View bus (just like Whoopi!) again and girlfriend, I've never gotten off.

Are you a big fan of The View too?  Then you've got to enter The View sweepstakes for moms. One lucky winner will be randomly selected to receive a trip to NYC (without the kids, natch) to watch a live taping of The View, squee!!! The sweepstakes is open until February 28th.  Enter here! 

And guess who's coming on the show tomorrow people?


(Go ahead, run to your DVR remotes.  I'll still be here.)

Oh yes, tomorrow 2/23 the controversial cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore will be joining the Women of The View LIVE.  No MTV editing. (I'm sure the 5 second delay will be in full effect.)  Can you IMAGINE the guys dancing with Sherri? Freaking on Joy?  Styling Barbara with a Snooki-style Bumpit?

You know who else is going to be on The View this week? OCTO-MOM, Danielle Steele, local Montgomery County, Maryland-girl Guiliana of E! and husband reality TV dude from Donald Trump's show, and then for a Friday grand finale, Regis and wife Joy are going to perform a song from their new album.

Seriously.  You don't have to wait until late on Saturday night for great TV.

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