Tuesday, February 16, 2010

LunchSkins - Eco-Friendly Design for Lunch Time!

I don't even want to KNOW how many plastic sandwich baggies I've used over the years packing lunches for myself and now, my two kids.  What a waste.

But there's a solution  - and they're so freaking cute:  LunchSkins. 

Three local green moms, co-founders Kirsten Quigley and Cristina (Cris) Bourelly and creative director Jennie Stoller Barakat, developed these reusuable lunch bags for sandwiches, snacks and more.  These eco-mamas were inspired by the fact that every day, more than 20 million sandwich bags from school lunches go into landfills in the US. And their products are making an important environmental impact - in just this first year since they launched, LunchSkins customers have saved more than 12 million plastic baggies from landfills.

If you'd like to help this mission - as well as save in the long run on the purchase of those blasted sandwich bags - you can shop for snack, sandwich and sub bags here.

Kirsten and Cristina sent my kids and I two sandwich bags and a snack bags to test out, and they're durable, easy to clean and very well made.  And they're so cute, there's no way my kids will be throwing them out.  My son Charlie says that his shark-patterned sandwich bag is the hit of the kindergarten lunch table.  Not only eco-savvy, LunchSkins also have the bento-box-effect, in that my kids are more likely to eat healthy things when cutely packaged. I have since shopped for a few more and we're total LunchSkin converts.

Highly recommend!  You can pick up some for your kids in their favorite colors and patterns here.

I was sent 3 LunchSkins for my children to use...and then I promptly bought 3 more! 

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