Sunday, December 20, 2009

REDOING THIS GIVEAWAY: Three Pairs of The Princess & The Frog Slippers (Size Big Kid - Adult)

UPDATE: The winners are Julie, Meg and Sharon!

I am ticked that I have to do this, but I have to re-do this giveaway.  Here's why.

I used to have all my comments for A Parent in Silver Spring and A Parent in Silver Spring Reviews handled by Haloscan.  When I would log onto to Haloscan, I would have access to the email addresses of commenters and comment entries for giveaways.  This software was free, all I had to allow was one ad at the bottom of my first post.

I initially installed Haloscan because Blogger does not do trackbacks and would only allow comments from those logged into Blogger, and I wanted to be able to both send and monitor trackbacks and allow comments from everyone.  And keep my cheapskate booty on lovely, free, SEO-friendly Blogger.   Over time I came to really appreciate Haloscan's commenting system over the commenting system provided on Blogger and was very glad I had installed.

This week I logged on to Haloscan to access the email addresses of commenters and draw winners' names for giveaways.  Upon arriving at Haloscan I was informed that JS-Kit had acquired Haloscan, and I could either download all comments, or pay $9.95 for all my data to be converted to Echo and receive uninterrupted service.  

JS-Kit and Echo have received favorable coverage in the media and I knew that companies like Discovery were using this commenting software.  I wasn't aware that JS-Kit had acquired Haloscan, but then keeping up with tech news isn't my top priority.  I quickly caught up on Tech Crunch and then blithely plopped down my credit card info, logged onto Echo and went to my new Dashboard to access your comments and email addresses.

My websites' data wasn't there.  And my data still is not there.  Over one week later.  I should have downloaded the data.  But I didn't. I took them at their word that my service would be uninterrupted.  They did not say the data would be lost or delayed. 

I cannot get a response from Support, Customer Service, have not had any of public forum questions answered.  From the Twitter searches I've done, I'm not the only one that is disappointed.

I do not know if I upgrade to either the White Label or Echo Pro (which does not publish prices...hmmm, I bet the sales team would get back to me!) if I will have access to them.  Or if I will receive a response and better customer service.

Maybe it's just taking JS-Kit awhile to convert all the Haloscan info over.   But I did not receive an email from Haloscan or JS-Kit alerting me to the change over until after I had already paid for the conversion.  I didn't even get an emailed receipt for my purchase.   I haven't received an email letting me know about any timeline of service.

However, I was led to believe that by paying for the formerly free service, that all would carry on as before...and better.  And it has not. In their sole email to me, JS-Kit wrote:

While Haloscan has a been a trusted friend for many, the reality is that the servers and the software are beginning to fail and our small startup is unable to continue to support two platforms. We recognize that change is always difficult and daunting, however we hope that the new features, great support and constant innovation on the Echo platform will offset the challenges of any switch.

I hate going ranty.  It's just so bloggy.  I'm a freelance writer...right?

Well, today I am very bloggy ranty low-techy ignoranty.  Pretty soon I'll start talking about health care reform.

But it's all to explain to you why you'll have to send an email to with Slippers in the title and your mailing address in the body of the mail to receive the free Princess and the Frog slippers before Christmas. In my mommybloggy giveaway.  

Now I'm off to go find some Precious Moments clip art to paste in my margins and a plug-in that will play Taylor Swift when you arrive at my page!



Here I am modeling the slippers.  They are almost too small on my big flippers.

Courtesy of the Disney folks that are bringing us the fabulous The Princess and the Frog film this winter (we LOVED it), I have three pairs of exclusive frog slippers for giveaway.

These will fit kids age 9 and up through adult to size 8 (they are stretchy and conforming, but can have room at the toes for a more pronounced froggy flop.)  Leave a comment for a chance to win your own to keep or give as a gift this holiday season to your fave princess. 

If you give a pair to a girl you love, maybe she'll smile just as widely as Eve here:

Eve in front of the Princess Tiana display at Carols Daughter 

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