Friday, May 1, 2009

GIVEAWAY: Free Nanny Service From Mommy Relief!

The Randomly-drawn winners are Jamie and Vanessa.

Mommy Relief is a local business that provides assistance to families adjusting to life with a new baby. Standard baby nurse/night nurse services are available, but Mommy Relief is unique in that care givers also provide help with the older children in the family. All Mommy Relievers are experienced in providing expert care to newborns and children of all ages. The registered nurses have strong backgrounds in NICU, and the thoroughly screened assistants have hands-on experience with infants. The Mommy Relievers can do it all, from baby care to helping with older kids' homework to light housekeeping and meals. They provide a customized program of help in the topsy-turvy time of welcoming a newborn to the family.

Mommy Relief was started by sisters Kristin Emery and Jennifer Smith, both moms as part of Stonehouse Medical Staffing, Inc., a home health care agency licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia. They began the program when they saw so many moms carting in the “bucket” car seat infant carriers with an older child in tow on the way to the pediatrician. Kristin says,

Jen and I shared a nanny after our second children were born within two months of each other. We realized that we had an amazing situation and all moms should benefit. What we also realized is that moms are reluctant to get help. Some think, 'I am on maternity leave for that exact reason - so I CAN care for my kids, I shouldn’t need help.' Others think, 'It is just one baby, how hard can it be?' Still more think, 'Yes I am tired but I am fine, I can handle it.'

Mommy Relief can make a big difference in those first six weeks. Not only do you get the relief on the day you scheduled but you have a more positive outlook each day leading up to the relief. We hope we can reach lots of families and ease one of the most joyous but exhausting times in their lives. We like to say, “You don’t need a trip to Paris, you just want a shower!!”

Have you recently given birth or adopted, or are you expecting in 2009? Do you have a good friend or relative who could use a hand now or soon?
The generous folks at Mommy Relief have provided two separate APISS readers with gift certificates of four hours of Mommy Relief services! These certificates are transferable, do not expire, and are good for families living in the DC Metro region. Two weeks advance notice is required for redeeming the Mommy Relief.

Want to be one of the two lucky winners? Leave a comment below as to why you or a friend could use some Mommy Relief. I'll randomly draw the winners in one week!

Note: I have not personally tried Mommy Relief, will not be receiving any services in exchange for this post and have not been compensated in any way.

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