Tuesday, May 5, 2009

GIVEAWAY: Four Beginner Workout Videos - Moving Free Longevity Solution by Mirabai Holland

The Randomly drawn winners are Melanie, Safire, Grace & Noelle!

The Moving Free® Longevity Solution Series was specifically designed for fitness beginners, boomers and active seniors by Mirabai Holland, MFA. Mirabai is a women's fitness expert and health activist who specializes in preventive and rehabilitative exercise. Her Moving Free approach to exercise is designed to provide a pleasant yet effective movement experience.

If working out makes you freak out, this is a fail-proof, easy way to learn how to work up to your daily 30 minutes of moderate exercise for a healthy heart and body. This could also be a good gift to your mother or another woman in your life, but only if you think she'd be interested and not offended by any you-need-to-work implications. But the fact is, we all need to work out!

I also think these exercises would be a great re-introduction to exercise if you're rehabilitating from surgery, have just given birth or are pregnant...but the videos don't state that they're designed for pre- or post-natal/surgery fitness and I'm not a doctor! What's that they always say at the start of a workout video? "Talk to your doctor before starting this or any exercise program." So true.

These four videos each retail for $19.95, and I have one of each for giveaway:

Ease-In Level 1
This is the starter video for the complete workout novice. Mirabai's Ease-in exercises introduce (or re-introduce) cardio, strength and flexibility exercises so that you can gradually work up to doing 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily, as recommended by the American Heart Association.

Flexibility Level 1
This is the introduction to Mirabai's signature Moving Free Technique. Full body stretching will help you relieve stress, relax, gain strength and get that great post-yoga class feeling.

Strength Level 1
This video of strength training can help reverse the loss of muscle cells, increase metabolism and and sculpt your bod. The DVD includes light hand weight work and exercises using your own body for resistance.

Cardio Dance Level 1
This is a non-complicated, enjoyable way to get your daily half-hour of cardio exercise. If you're into walking for fitness, then this is a good DVD for you. It's effective but not crazy exhausting.

If you'd like one of these four videos, leave a comment before midnight Saturday and I'll hook four of you up!

Note: I have not received any free product or compensation for this review, I just thought that after showcasing The 30 Day Shred, having a giveaway of exercise videos on a less-intense scale would be cool

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