Tuesday, May 5, 2009

GIVEAWAY: Free Bootcamp Workout with Rachel Posell in Kensington

The Randomly-drawn winner is May.

I started Rachel Posell's Monday and Wednesday morning workouts on April 15, and the sessions have been kicking my butt, making my body leaner and stronger and I'm having a great time working out with a fabulous group of women.

This women-only outdoor workout session is an hour of runs, sprints, lunges, stairs, abdominal work, push ups, calisthenics and more at Rock Creek Hill Park (sometimes called Saul Road Park) in Kensington from 6:15-7:15am. Every single day has been different, to keep our bodies guessing and ensure that every muscle group is challenged.

I started out in the back of the pack, plodding after the boot camp veterans like a fat kid chasing an ice cream truck. Now I can keep up and my form and endurance have greatly improved. Get this: I can now run 2 miles at a steady pace without stopping and do 15 real "boy" pushups, things I have never been able to do before, even when I was a 90 lb junior high student. Every single Monday or Wednesday morning I find that I'm stronger and can accomplish more than the last session. This euphoria has led me to not miss a single 6:15am class, even in the pouring rain. Katie of The Happy Struggle even got me to meet her for a 6am run on Friday, a day we didn't have class. I think my husband is still in shock.

I have to admit, I would never have gone for it and signed up if Rachel hadn't gently encouraged me to join. She could see that I could do it, even though I didn't believe it. Signing up for the twice-weekly 12 weeks at just $12 a session for a combination personal training/inspiring group exercise class was the best birthday present I could have given myself. Tomorrow I'll be 34, but I can run longer and further than I could 22 years ago. I don't want to get ahead of myself here, but it's possible that I have finally learned to look forward to working out. It's nice to be able to give my mid-thirties the finger.

Rachel has offered a free bootcamp workout for one of you interested (female) readers that would like to check it out! Just leave a comment here before Saturday May 9 and I'll randomly draw the winner. Winner gets to choose a remaining Monday or Wednesday morning to audit before this spring session concludes on May 27.

However, if you aren't able to make Monday and Wednesday mornings but need a positive personal trainer, Rachel can come to you at a time of your convenience. E-mail Rachel at rachel@posell.com or give her a ring at (202) 329-6762.

I look forward to working out with one of you soon!

Note: I purchased my bootcamp membership and have received no compensation for this endorsement. The truth hurts...my quads!

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