Monday, October 27, 2008

GIVEAWAY: JCPenney Has The Best Winter Coats

UPDATE: The winners of the coats are Katie, Jen Lee, Rachel and Jennifer. Thanks everyone for playing and THANK YOU JCPenney!!

It's nearly November, the beginning of serious coat season and when many stores are advertising outerwear sales. After the eye-opening experience of realizing that I could find a seriously hot dress at JCPenney rather than enslavement to boutiques, mallratdom and premium department stores, I wondered if the same quality and discounts applied to coats. I set out to research the styles and prices of coats at the stores where I have previously shopped for fall and winter outerwear, and compare them to the quality and appearance of the items at Penney's.

I contacted the folks at JCPenney and they were extremely excited to help in this experiment. JCPenney loves their mom shoppers so much that they sent me samples of new coats to review and GIVE AWAY to four lucky readers. I also took some research trips to J. Crew, Banana Republic, Macy's, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Talbots and Ann Taylor Loft. I examined fit, linings, quality of materials and found that the coats at Penney's were every bit as fashionable, well-made and fit as well as the coats at these other, supposedly "cooler" higher-end stores.

And the price differences for nearly identical coats? You will not believe what I found. So I'll just show you. Try and guess before reading which coat in each set of pics is from JCPenney.

JCPenney Worthington Wool-Blend Jacket in green (left) $44.99
Juicy Couture Wool-Blend Jacket in green (right) $398

J.Crew Double Cloth Marie Coat (left) in bright berry $330

JCPenney Worthington Fashion Trench
(right) in black $119
Banana Republic Classic Trench (left) in black $225

JCPenney east5th Cashmere Blend Coat (left) in red $129.99

JCPenney Capelet (right) $39.99
Talbots Capelet (left) $248

And I could keep going. Seriously. The coats at JCPenney are just as beautiful from collar to hem and each and every stitching and button detail. They're also every bit as fashion-forward.

I have FOUR different coats to give away to lucky readers:
JCPenney Worthington Belted Houndstooth Coat in misses size small
JC Penney Capelet in light grey, misses size medium
JCPenney Worthington Boiled Wool Jacket in royal blue, misses size large
JCPenney Worthington Fashion Trench in black, women's 1X

Please leave a comment before midnight Tuesday November 4th indicating which one you would like. One coat per winner, one comment per person please.

Have fun shopping this winter and be sure to visit online or in store JCPenney, where select styles of coats are now 20-50% off and ALL items are a DO for your wallet and your wardrobe!

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