Saturday, October 25, 2008

Giveaway - Precious Girls Club: A Little Bit of Faith

UPDATE: The winners are Wife & Mommy, Carla and Cindi!

The makers of Precious Moments toys and gifts have branched out to a new line of books, toys and an online world for elementary school girls with a Christian message, The Precious Girls Club. I have 3 books and 3 memberships to the girls-only online community for giveaway.

The book is cute, packed with family prayers and solid values. It's definitely not theologically heavy, as the main character Katie has a guardian angel that comes to life via a musical snow globe and inspires Katie to live the Golden Rule. Suffice to say, A Little Bit of Faith and subsequent books in this series are meant to be light and fun stories, separate and more recreational than the teachings your daughter might be receiving in her religion studies, CCD or Sunday school.

The online world, The Precious Girls Club, is appropriate for very young children and would be easy for an elementary school kid to navigate. More features are being added to this new site every day. Here kids can catch fireflies, decorate rooms, change their avatars' outfits. Again, the playing is breezy and sugary sweet. It is clear that the goal of The Precious Girls Club brand is to provide feminine play for girls as silly and satisfying as "playing Barbies" within an age-appropriate and faith-conscious forum.

But the most important reviews of The Precious Girls Club come from two girls I love, a niece and a friend's daughter. Both girls liked the story, the characters and both give their pink-polished-friendship-bracelet wearing thumbs ups to the PGC.

My verdict: The Precious Girls are not exactly Little Women, and they don't have as much humor as other Christiany cartoon characters The Veggie Tales, but they're waaay better than the Bratz. They are meant to entertain and set a good example, and who can resist a good girl who says her prayers?

Thank you Precious Moments and Moms Select for hosting the giveaway!

If this sounds like something a girl you know would enjoy - a cute stocking stuffer to be sure - please leave a comment before midnight Tuesday 10/27! Three lucky gals will receive the new paperback A Little Bit of Faith and a free deluxe pass to the online Precious Girls Club world.

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