Saturday, November 1, 2008

No More Undereye Circles With Bobbi Brown Corrector

I’ll never forget the day that I went shopping with my mom and my three week old daughter. I put on the most flattering outfit I could find for the postpartum bod, blew out my hair, tucked some nursing pads in my bra and threw on a little makeup. I was feeling OK about my appearance, all things considered, and figured that while holding a beautiful newborn, no one would notice me anyways.

I needed a new lipstick and so the three of us pulled into the Bobbi Brown counter at Nordstrom. Before I could even tell the Kimora Lee Simmons look-a-like the shade I needed, she blurted out, "Oh honey. LOOK at those dark circles!" She gently pushed me onto a stool, directed my mom to take the baby, and pulled out this tiny little compact. Two minutes later, my entire face had changed. Kimora and Bobbi had somehow brought back the the old me - the one that used to sleep in on weekends and dream uninterrupted ’til the alarm sounded.

That magical compact contained Bobbi Brown’s Corrector. Thicker and more smudge- proof than most concealers, it is just the right consistency to cleverly erase very dark circles, blemishes, small scars and traces of melasma. Go for a bisque shade if you are fair and have a pinky-blue undereye area. Choose a peach shade if you have an olive, golden or tan skin tone and purple-brown undereye darkness. Use the shade guide to learn what color is right for you.

Apply using a small flat brush or dot on with your ring finger and gently blend in towards your nose. For complete perfection and when you have time to really do your makeup, layer Bobbi Brown's Concealer on top, setting with a little powder. But for everyday dash-and-go, the Corrector alone does the trick. A little goes a long way, and will happily assist in you in faking eight hours of peaceful sleep. Night nurse sold separately.

Bobbi Brown Corrector $22 @ Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

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