Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Russ Baby Bright Beginnings Bright Buddies

Perched in my Silicon Valley Moms Blog swag bag at BlogHer was this adorable little elephant, a Russ Baby Bright Beginnings Bright Buddy.

It immediately reminded me of the Snoopy Learn to Dress Doll that I had in the '70s, transporting me back to my Holly Hobbie-themed room as Mickey Mouse Disco played on the record player.

And just as I totally dug my Snoopy, my daughter loves her little guy. The elephant is soft, cute and my oh-so-independent two year old is learning how to dress herself more efficiently thanks to his zips, buttons, ties and easy to take on and off clothes.

Because you KNOW she has to "do it all by myself." Always. Unless it's playroom cleanup. But I digress.

Russ Bright Beginnings Bright Buddies - elephant, giraffe, puppy, kitten, pig or cow
Cost: $13ish at retailers all over the place

Thanks Russ for sponsoring the SV Moms Bloggers at BlogHer!

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