Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Twilight Series is Bloody Good

Reading is my therapy and my addiction, and fiction is my drug of choice. And although I love a deep, intellectual tome it's been awhile since an author has invaded my mind like Stephenie Meyer's vampire romance series Twilight. I recommend it to everyone. Yes, it's young adult fiction but it's so goooood. Like Harry Potter, Bridge to Terabithia, Wrinkle in Time, Witch of Blackbird Pond goooood.

The always amazing site alpha + mom has a great piece on why moms of teens in particular should pick up copies of the series: How To Be A Cool Twilight Mom

But even if you're a strict, adamantly uncool mom, don't be put off by the occultish implications of vampire love. Without giving too much away, the main characters are extremely moral when it comes to meals and make outs. However, the four books get progressively intense as the main characters' relationship matures. Previewing the adult content for your teen is the perfect foil!

P.S. The movie premieres in theaters November 21 (squeal!)

Cost for first two books in paperback: $6ish on Amazon, $11ish at bricks and mortar bookstores
Cost for the third and fourth books hardcover: $12ish on Amazon, $20ish at bookstores

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