Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Giveaway - BusyBodyBook aka Lifesaver of Luddite Moms Everywhere

Congrats to randomly-drawn winners Kristin, Sue and Meredith!

Ya, ya, I'm a blogger. I spend way too much time plucking at a keyboard while staring at a screen. But I don't own a smart phone. I rarely text. When I do, I have to go through two letters to get to the one I want and I usually miss it and curse and just call the person.

And I manage my household and professional calendars using a hardcopy planner made of paper. That I write on with a pen.

And this system totally works.

As I reviewed on APISS Reviews last year, my BusyBodyBook totally saved me from a life of forgotten appointments and ruined friendships.

Now I have one system, and it's a good one. The BusyBodyBook has a column for each family member with one week per page and space for each day of that week.

It is now a breeze to organize and track all four of our schedules and activities, coordinating everyone side by side. It's easy to see overlapping schedules and doublebooking. I can also easily see those evenings, afternoons and weekends that we actually do not have a commitment and so we can, wonder of all wonders, INITIATE plans with other families!

There's also a front pocket for hard copy invitations, months at a glance, key contact info for important people and numbers, shopping lists and plans for world peace inside.

I love my BusyBodyBook so much that I just purchased my second one. It has changed my life and I credit it with keeping my family and friendships organized and intact. Cost: $17.95

For families with kids that can actually read or parents that want the family week at a glance at eye level 24-7, there's a 7-column wall calendar version for $14.95 and a 7-column fridge grid pad for $11.95

In honor of Rosh Hashanah and the start of a new school year too, the wonderful publisher of the Busy Body Book, Joan Goldner, is giving away THREE brand new copies to three lucky APISS readers. Leave a comment for a chance to win - winners will be randomly drawn in one week!

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