Tuesday, September 15, 2009

5 Fall Fashion Essentials

I'm not buying much this fall, just these five basics to update my closet:

Black Fitted Tees by American Apparel
There's nothing like a good fitted black cotton tee to look casual and put together at the same time. This one has a flattering scoop neck, a hip-length and short sleeves that cover all the way to the elbows to skim over all body parts. And it costs less than a burrito. $6.75 at Amazon

Classic Chuck Taylor Lows in Black
Yup, I'm a mom that wears tennis shoes all day, and proud of it. But that doesn't mean that I wear high top white Reeboks (with baggy acid washed jeans and a fanny pack.) I stay current and comfy with classic and slightly punk rock black Chuck Taylors. I've checked them out carefully and found that the women's and men's Chucks are exactly alike...the ones in the guys' section are just $5-10 cheaper! $39 at Amazon

Hydraulic Vintage Wash Jeans
I don't know about you, but I wear jeans everywhere – the playground, workish meetings with editors or interviewees, those rare occasions when I go out at night. I love Hydraulics for their bargain basement price and how they lift the booty and slim the bod. $48 at Amazon

GAP Black Double Breasted Blazer
As a weird hybrid of a SAHM/WAHM, I have to look pulled-together sometimes, but pulling on my dated old pinstriped skirt suits is a bit silly. And if I wear a jean jacket with my jeans I turn into what my college girlfriends called "denim woman" - not a great look. So I'll be throwing this blazer over dark jeans and knee-length shift dresses this fall for functions with and without my kids. $98 at GAP

The SAK Silverlake Convertible Satchel/Hobo
I love a bright leather bag that can hold all my kid gear, phone, camera, notebook, makeup that I apply in the car and anything else I have to lug around. This one by The Sak is super cute and looks like a fancy bag for a relatively reasonable price. $144.99 at Amazon

So here are the clothing items that sum up my basic daily uniform this fall. Maybe these deals will lend you a hand too.

For more fall fashion ideas, go to TwitterMoms to read what other moms are naming as their 5 Fall Essentials, and check out TLC's What Not to Wear's new website - Shop Smart Look Fab!

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