Monday, May 25, 2009

GIVEAWAY: PLAY - Kids Rock CDs & Tees by DeSoto Records

Kristen & Kate are the Randomly-drawn winners of the CDs & t-shirts!

Interested in some seriously cool rock n roll that is technically for kids but actually a compilation of grooves by artists that adults love?

And what if I told you this fabulous album was produced by Washington DC indie record label DeSoto Records, the full time labor of love by a fellow parent in Silver Spring?

The album is PLAY and it has been rocking my minivan and my two mini-music lovers like nothing we've loaded into the changer before. It's 14 completely original and kid-friendly songs that do not pander to kids and will make adults weep with thanks. The humor, the guitar riffs, the beats will help foster a love of rock in your child, rather than simply parroting the "I love you, you love me" song.

Our favorites on PLAY are Mudhoney's I Like to Make Noise and Break Things (Charlie because he does adore those activities, me because I came of age during grunge,) underrated and awesome skateboard rockers Mock Orange's Holiday Dinner Song that salutes healthy food and goddess Mary Timony's Clap Your Hands. And you can preview Channels with Damon Locks' Always Check for Holes [Listen here] and Georgie James' The Grizzly Jive [Listen here].

To win your very own CD copy of PLAY & kid-sized t-shirt, leave a comment with your favorite rock band or artist that you wish would record a kids' album. TWO lucky randomly-drawn winners will each receive a CD & t-shirt combo pack. Please leave your comments before midnight Sunday May 31.

Special thanks to Kim Coletta of DeSoto Records for sponsoring this generous giveaway!

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