Monday, May 25, 2009


Abigail is the Randomly-drawn winner!

Sometimes I think I should just directly deposit the entire contents of my checking account into Hallmark's coffers each month. Between holidays, birthday parties, showers, weddings, keeping in touch with our massive list of siblings, nieces and nephews, we buy A LOT of cards in the APISS household.

Now ideally I'd have both my kids make all the family cards, turning our playroom craft table into a mini-sweatshop. But somehow my demands for homemade greetings on a deadline make the kids less than thrilled and sometimes take the fun out of coloring and crafting. I've actually finished my children's abandoned cardmaking myself in order to make the mail carrier, dishonestly slapping on a few princess stickers from "Eve" and forging Charlie's name by writing with my left, non-dominant hand.

Not my proudest parenting moments, I must confess.

So I was totally intrigued when asked to review KidCards®, these new activity books for kids that streamline the making of homemade cards. The books are filled with sturdy cardstock pages that kids tear out and fold into a greeting card and envelopes are included. We've been using these for the last few birthday parties and holidays, and my kids have been way into designing them.

I love that at $14.99 for 20 cards, they cost less than $1 each but still have the mark of handmade love. Family members have been touched by the kids' personal flair and artistry, and the card-creation process was greatly streamlined. Fellow mom friends have been asking where we got them, so I think that not only are they good for birthday cards to playmates, the card books also make cool birthday presents themselves.

Volume 1 are coloring cards for a variety of occasions like birthdays, thank you, congratulations, that kids simply color and sign - great for young children. Volume 2 contains cards that allow older kids to add their own design and write messages, while still providing a themed frame to help get them started on the sometime daunting "Let's make Grandma a birthday card" process. Both sets retail for $14.99 and contain 20 cards and envelopes.

Want one of your own? Leave a comment below with your favorite product on the KidCards website. I'll randomly draw one winner who will get to choose his/her own KidCards book. ($14.99 value) Deadline for comments is midnight Sunday May 31.

Penny Promotion code: When you go to and purchase 2 or more books online, enter the penny promotion code "Blogger Bonus" in the box and you'll receive both a crayon set AND the watercolor paint set for 1 penny.

Happy card making!

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