Monday, April 20, 2009

GIVEAWAY: Delta Umbrella Stroller of Your Choice, Disney Princess or Disney Pixar Cars

UPDATE: The Randomly-drawn winner is Stacy of The Fabulous Miss S.

Need a new stroller for spring strolls and family vacations? The folks at Delta Childrens Products are offering one lucky APISS family just that with their new single umbrella strollers. The winning family will have a choice of two savvy styles sure to delight your toddler, pink Disney princesses or candy apple red Cars.

Whether Princess Aurora or Lightning McQueen gets your kid's motor running, I think you parents will like the light weight yet sturdiness of this umbrella stroller. I received one too, and while I at first focused on its cleanliness and the lack of crusted-on snacks in the crevices, I came to dwell on this umbrella stroller's great quality for the price. It has swivel wheels, nice handles, a footrest and seatbelt - all much nicer than the flimsy features in most umbrella models. The stroller only weighs 10 lbs. but will hold a child in the 30 lb. range.

If you win, where will you take your new stroller? Tell us in the comments before midnight Friday April 24 and I'll randomly draw the winner this weekend. The winner gets to choose the design of her choice!

Delta Childrens Products Standard Single Umbrella Strollers
$24.99 online, will be in stores such as Walmart and Burlington Coat Factory for $19.99 soon

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