Monday, April 20, 2009

Best SNL Host Ever (& Secret Hollywood Boyfriend) Seth Rogen

So what if I'm married, he has a girlfriend, and oh, has no clue that I exist? I can still adore him and share his Hulu clips with you. Don't worry, if you missed the episode two weeks ago you can watch it at my house - it'll be on my DVR until about 2012.

Vinny Interviews BEAR MAN

Girlfriend Voices...a great device to haul out the impressions

Would you believe Seth even makes a gorgeous Muppet (circa 1979)?

You know, Bill Hader looks A LOT like my husband Chris. Maybe Bill should be my Secret Hollywood Boyfriend?
Nah, that could be weird. And I have to stay true.

Do you want more Seth? Especially skits a tad more risqué? OK, I'll bury my jealousy and share.
Throw the kids out of the room and check out Seth and his SNL homies on Hulu.

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