Monday, April 6, 2009

GIVEAWAY: 15 Copies of Hannah Montana DVD, Keeping It Real

Giveaway closed - the 15 lucky winners have been notified.

OK, just the title of this Hannah Montana episode compilation DVD, Keeping It Real, cracks me up. And the shows it contains are even funnier and full of the charming, family-friendly sitcom humor that kids and parents both love. This is the first time Disney has released a DVD of HM episodes, and they picked good ones: High School Musical cutie Corbin Bleu guest stars as a crush and there's two brand new bonus features too.

Even though my own children are preschool age, we find Hannah Montana silly and watchable. It reminds me of Charles In Charge or Silver Spoons - corny but cute, moral but without the gag-you-with-it learning lesson at the end of, say, Full House. (My sister and I can STILL imitate the music that would play when Bob Saget would dispense his wisdom to DJ, Stephanie and Michelle at the end of an episode.) By the way, those links to DVDs of old sitcoms above are SO what I'm getting my sister for her 30th birthday this year...along with the DVD of the 1984 made-for-TV movie Nadia. My only regret is that I can't find Crash Course with Alyssa Milano for purchase sis is going to have to make do with our old taped-off-TV-with-commercials-for-Bill-Cosby's-Puddin-Pops VHS version. Or maybe this poster of Jackée....

Anyways, my point is that yeah, Hannah Montana is frothy TV and has an over-coiffed Billy Ray Cyrus as the dad (not unlike Uncle Jesse's pompadour,) but this day-glo cheese and hairspray is a right of passage. If your kid loves this show and the hairless Jonas Brothers with their purity rings and tries to tie her scarf from Claire's Boutique just like Miley, seriously? Calm down. It's adorable. Remember when you tried to curl your bangs exactly like Kelly on Saved By the Bell? Your kids are still little kids.

The awesome Disney folks have given me 15 brand spankin' new DVDs to hand out to you guys. Just leave a comment below with your favorite character from kids' sit-coms, past or present, before midnight Friday April 10th, and I'll randomly draw the lucky winners this weekend.

Hannah Montana: Keeping It Real
Cost: $13.99

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