Tuesday, February 24, 2009

GIVEAWAY: TRUCKS!! "How'd They Build That?" DVDs about vehicles

UPDATE: The winners are De and Ginger!

Have you ever taken your kid to Home Depot just to see the John Deere equipment?

Did your child get inordinately excited when construction crews invaded your street to put in new curbs?

Have you ever literally pulled your car over so your kid could check out trucks at a construction site?

OK then, this is the DVD giveaway for you.

I have two DVDs from Marvelous Media's How'd They Build That? series to give away: Concrete Truck and School Bus.

I love these DVDs because they work for such a wide-range of ages. Little one year olds screaming "TUCK, TUCK!" and ten year olds interested in how things are put together and function can enjoy these kid documentaries equally. Even my Discovery Channel-watching husband was fascinated. Both DVDs are filmed in High Definition, with extensive use of colorful 3D computer generated models, making them even more watchable and interesting.

In Concrete Truck, kids see firsthand the process of building one of the heaviest vehicles on the road and then see the machines come to life. School Bus takes a vehicle that kids see and maybe ride every day and shows kids the process of the IC School Bus Factory, where most of the school buses in North America are manufactured.

Leave a comment below for the chance to win one of these cool kids' documentaries from Marvelous Media. I'll randomly draw the winners in one week.

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