Wednesday, January 28, 2009

GIVEAWAYS: New Bob the Builder, Thomas the Tank Engine & Barney DVDs

I have three brand new DVDs for giveaway featuring characters loved by toddlers and preschoolers everywhere: Bob the Builder, Thomas and his choo-choo pals and Barney, that happy purple dinosaur.

Bob the Builder: Race to the Finish $12.99
Congrats to the winner, Thien-Kim of Passion & Art!
This a full-length feature film featuring, Bob, Wendy (oohhh, the romantic tension between those two) and the entire wacky Can We Fix It/Yes We Can! crew. There's two new machines joining the team - Gripper and Grabber - who learn the importance of teamwork and whom I think I met on dance floors in Adams Morgan in the late 90s. But seriously, if you have young construction fanatics in your house, they'll love watching their fave characters build a sports stadium in record time. The Midwest Book Review says of the film, "Bob the Builder Race to the Finish: The Movie is sure to delight young viewers and is an excellent gift for children as well as a worthy addition to public library children's DVD shelves."

Thomas & Friends: Railway Friends $10.99
Congrats to the winner, wealhtheow!
This movie features those well-loved trains with brand new CGI animation. The new look of the trains is more engaging and lifelike than ever, while still retaining the moral lessons of cooperation and friendship and train-tastic stories. Thomas is still sweet, Sir Topham Hatt still stern and hard to please, Gordon is still snooty, Percy's still getting into scrapes. Nope, I haven't logged countless hours with these coal burning characters. If I ever meet the Reverend W. Awdry in heaven, I won't know whether to hug or sock him.

Barney: Once Upon A Dino Tale $11.98
Congrats to the winner, Kate!
Can you believe Barney's 20 years old? That's a lot of loving you, me, our happy family and some of the cheeriest child actors in Hollywood history. In this new video, Barney and the gang act out Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella and more classic tales. If you have a princess fanatic who also loves lisping along to Baby Bop, then you'll be guaranteed 52 blessed minutes of quiet. But seriously, the show is totally entertaining, inspires creativity and loving one's neighbor. My kids are completely enjoying this DVD. The storytelling aspect of each episode really changes up the regular Barney format!

Leave a comment below mentioning the character from any of those shows that a child in your life digs before midnight February 3rd and you'll be entered to win your favorite of the three!

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