Monday, December 1, 2008

Holiday Fairy Books By Positive Spin Press

My children are enraptured with the tales of Eve the fairy in the charming holiday books by Positive Spin Press. All Hallows Eve, Christmas Eve and Winters Eve are delightful stories that playfully tell of the holidays from the perspective of the sweet sprite Eve. The illustrations are darling and capture the magic of the holidays.

Sometimes fanciful, other times historical and always heartfelt, my five year old son and two and half year old daughter connected with Eve. Whether explaining how trick or treating came to pass, learning about winter holiday celebrations throughout the world or hearing of jolly ol' St. Nick, my kids were smitten.

Our favorite of the three stories was Christmas Eve. Not only does Eve the fairy help Santa deliver the loot on...wait for it...Christmas Eve, she learns of the true meaning of Christmas and the birth of Jesus. My family loves Santa and presents and all the fun trappings of Christmas, but we try our best to let the reason for the season reign supreme. We really appreciated Christ's presence in the story, and it reminded us Linus's recitation of St. Luke in A Charlie Brown Christmas.

The books and Positive Spin Press are the creations of husband and wife team of author Lisa Sferlazza Johnson and illustrator Tucker Johnson. Parents themselves, they are currently collaborating on a New Year’s-themed book, as well as future holiday-oriented releases. Positive Spin Press also has a great website to surf with your children. Here's some fun seasonal coloring pages of illustrations from the book to help you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Advent and more.

Thanks to Positive Spin Press and the Parent Bloggers for hosting this review!

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