Monday, December 1, 2008

Giveaway: The Invisibelt, A Jean Devotee's Friend

I am in love with The Invisibelt, and thanks to creator Kathy Kramer, I have TWO free ones for giveaway to lucky commenters. It's a great, slimming belt to hold your pants up without bulking up the line like a traditional belt.

Check out Kathy's video on how The Invisibelt works:

As demoed in the video, this belt is AWE-SOME! It holds up my jeans perfectly so that I'm not exposing any tummy or booty (the low-rise flasher look is so 2001.) It also makes me feel sleek as a fox. It gives me the clean line of wearing jeans fresh out of the dryer with a fitted top, without the sagging waistband or big belt buckle ruining the line. Since my daily uniform 9 months out of the year is mid-rise jeans, I will be wearing my Invisibelt incessantly. Like I said, I'm in love. I even yanked up my top in Trader Joe's today when chatting with a friend that said I looked thinner to show her that it was thanks to the Invisibelt. (Sorry M. if you were blinded by that expanse of winter white flesh.)

Do you want an Invisibelt of your very own? You should! You can order here or comment below for the chance to be randomly drawn to receive one of two freebies! UPDATE: Mara & Elissa are the winners, chosen via!

Thanks Kathy for offering The Invisibelt for APISS Reviews readers!

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