Monday, September 22, 2008

Gonna Dress You Up In My Love (all over, all over)

My children both love to dress themselves, choosing wacky outfits never dreamed of by the buyers at Gymboree. They also heavily mine the costume chest for items to incorporate into their public wardrobe. My four year old son is extremely attached to two dinosaur tee shirts that have seen better days, the crown his preschool teacher made for him on his birthday and several pirate headscarves. My two year old daughter shows a great deal of high fashion creativity, wearing silky nightgowns as jumpers, converting recycling bin items into hats and choosing faux jewelry to complement her creations.

I think it's great. My kids have their own opinions, style and ideas on how to express themselves. As long as they are clean, combed and comfortable and it's not a formal event, I pretty much let them wear whatever they please.

Here are some of their best creations:

cowgirl/princess hybrid & Pirate Thor?

crazy kids

nightgown as day dress?

the tee says "My Mom Is My Hero" - but she still won't let me dress her

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