Saturday, September 20, 2008

Giveaway Winners of Scholastic Books & A Prize for Everyone

The three winners of the hardcover copy of Scholastic's LaRue for Mayor: Letters from the campaign trail are

Lisa of My Little Pumpkin & Sweet Pea
Stephanie S.

But we're all winners and here's why. Amanda, the amazing contact at Scholastic that offers these great giveaways for APISS reader families, sent us the coolest link. She recommends going to the American Library Association website where parents and kids can make their very own free, customized mini-posters on reading. It reminds me of those great posters that came with our book orders in the '80s, you know, "Hang in there" with the kitten on the tree branch, "Lose Yourself in a Book" or "Reading Rocks!" Choose from four different styles, upload a photo and customize the text.

So double thanks Scholastic for hosting these giveaways. Make that triple: look for more election book giveaways for kids in October.

Winners were determined by numbering comments & utilizing the integer generator on

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