Friday, September 12, 2008

Giveaway: Walking Wings & Milkscreen

I met some of the women from UpSpring Baby at BlogHer and was entranced by these two new products: Walking Wings & Milkscreen. Both are cool inventions I totally would have used when my kids were younger.

Walking Wings is a contraption that allows you to support your new and learning walker without breaking your back in the process. My first kid was huge and didn't walk unassisted until he was 16 months; I needed this. Other benefits are that the child gains confidence with hands-free walking and his little arms aren't yanked around too much. Cost: $25ish at baby gear retailers

Milkscreen are test strips for your breast milk that let you know if your alcohol consumption will affect your baby. Basically, it tells you whether you need to pump and dump your G&T-laden lactose or if that Corona with lime has already been metabolized and your baby is safe. As someone who is both pro-breastfeeding and pro-drinking, this sounds very useful. Cost: $20ish for a 20 pack at baby gear retailers

Thanks to the good folks at UpSpring Baby, I have a brand new Walking Wings in navy blue and a 3-pack of Milkscreen test strips. Leave a comment below with the item you'd like and I'll use to determine a winner in 1 week.

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