Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jasmere - Latest and Greatest Online Shopping Site for Exclusive Deals

I love a sale.

I love being a dorky mom on the inside, but through the power of information and shopping, being able to pick up a fashion item that transforms me into a hot mama.

And now Jasmere is helping me with both!

The brainchild of a parent in Silver Spring Katrina Emmerson Kugel, Jasmere seeks out lesser-known specialty retailers that deserve national attention and offers us exclusive discounts of up to 70% off retail prices.  A new fabulous brand is featured every day, and every time someone makes a purchase on the deal of the day, the price goes down.

For instance, this week Beija-Flor premium denim jeans that usually cost $170 were offered for the incredibly-reduced price of $75...but by the time my credit card was charged at midnight the price had dropped to the $60s.  (Um, that's about the same price as the jeans at Target, but I'll be wearing hot starlet style jeans in my minivan, thankyouverymuch.)

Today's awesome deal is Aromachology Scents, luxury fragrances that can be matched to your personality for a signature scent.  Katrina generously chose the Sophisticated and Sensual fragrance for me (stop laughing, I can dream!) because "to her, I am creative, empowering and uplifting."  Hey, I'll take it!  And best of all, the perfume actually does smell like the scents I'm naturally drawn to - fresh lilies and clean woodsy sandalwood.  And the price right now is $38 for the perfume...usually $80...and the price is still dropping.

So definitely sign up for Jasmere and watch for the wonderful daily deals. Become a fan of Jasmere on Facebook, subscribe to their RSS feed or email feed, or sign up to receive their updates on Twitter,

Thanks Jasmere and Katrina for keeping us parents in style, without going in the red!

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