Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Stuff I Love

Not only am I vehicle for companies to give free products away to you guys, I'm also sometimes a giveaway winner on other websites myself.  (Wait, that sounded suspiciously like those old Hair Club for Men commercials.) Here are some reviews for stuff I've won or received for free.

Hana Mini Flat Iron
Sometime after my 30th birthday I started getting hangovers after more than two adult bevvies, realized that having a professional waxer on speed dial was essential and learned that it was no longer possible to simply roll out of bed and have my hair look acceptable.  (Aging...I so love it!)

But who has time to painstakingly blowout or flat iron their hair every freaking day?  I received the answer to the look-cute-in-no-time quandry when I received the fabulous Hana Mini Flat Iron for review.  This professional ceramic straightening iron is only 5 inches long when collapsed for storage or travel - but it extends to 8 inches - the length of a standard hair straightener. Its 5/8 barrel  is perfect for smoothing out sections of hair for a fast, polished look.  No time for a shower?  Already blowdried your 'do yesterday but slept weird on one side? Here's your quick fix.  And if you travel a lot, you'll love the heat proof travel case and compact, collapsable size.

Hana Shine Shield Serum
The generous Hana peeps also sent me the Hana Shine Shield serum to protect my hair when heat styling.  But I'm using a drop of this lightweight smoother even on days I air dry.  It's the perfect consistency for making flyaways and split ends obey, or tucking stray pieces into a bun or pony.  And though I have fine, light hair that can easily look greasy, this stuff is super lightweight.  And it really makes my straightened hair look Pantene commercial shiny.  I've used other clear serums from Redken, Rusk, etc. over the years, but sincerely, this Hana Shine Serum is my fave so far.  Although the $18.99 price tag looks high, the bottle's a whopping 2 oz. so it will last for-eva. My bottle's still full to the top and I started using daily in July. 


Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse
This summer on a fabulous Tech Savvy Mama giveaway, I was the proud winner of this fabulous mouse...in the color of my choice.  I chose green, and my husband was so green with envy of this wireless mouse's super sensitivity to the slightest movements that he bought one for himself too.   As a longtime desktop PC user with large hands for a girl, I really need a full size mouse, even when using a laptop.  All I have to do is plug in the USB port to whatever computer I'm using and the mouse immediately works - there's no software to install.  At only $20-22 on Amazon (dependent on what color you choose), I'll be picking up lots of these for siblings and teenage nieces and nephews this Christmas.

Mabel's Labels
Thanks again to Tech Savvy Mama's naming me as the buddy she wishes had attended BlogHer with her (awww, sniff sniff) in the Mabel's Labels Wish You Were Here contest (check out her adorable video entry), Mabel's Labels sent my kids a fabulous School Pack of personalized labels.  And seriously, they are GENIUS.  These special labels stick to fabric inside clothing, on the outside of Sippies and water bottles, and after dozens of washings since September, the labels have not disintegrated one iota.  The text is so much clearer than even the neatest printing with a permanent marker.

I especially love the Tag-Mates that have guaranteed that Charlie and Eve don't come home with other kids' sweatshirts from school or lose their jackets to the anonymous lost and found pile. Although I was so fortunate to receive these for free courtesy of Tech Savvy Mama and Mabel's Labels, as soon as they're gone I will be purchasing another order for a School Pack and am now a total groupie.  (I'm also going to suggest our school implement a Mabel's Labels Fundraiser, so that we earn cash for every order the parents place.)

As stated above, I either won these items in an online giveaway or received free review product. I did not receive any additional compensation.

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