Monday, November 2, 2009

GIVEAWAYS: Great Games for Young and Old

UPDATE:  Carrie won Silly Socks, Allison won Rummikub Kids and Kim won Rummikub Large Size - all via's Integer Generator.

Silly Socks Game $19.95
One of the favorite games of my three year old is the Silly Socks Game. Kids try and find socks with patterns and colors that match exactly, and I'm thinking these skills of of recognizing the differences between pink and purple polka dots will help her in determining the differences in letters that look similar too, such as "b" and "d." But mainly, this game turns laundry into laughs, because if you pull a pair of underpants out of the "washing machine" draw pile, players lose a turn! Since there's no reading required, we've even played this game with toddlers that have come over and they too have a blast sorting and matching.

Rummikub Large Numbers Edition $24.45
My grandpa's turning 93 this week, and his sight isn't what it used to be. (In fact, he's only got one working eye.) But that doesn't stop him from loving a good game! Although I grew up playing gin rummy with him, his hand coordination also makes holding and picking up playing cards difficult. That's why I'm giving him this Rummikub Large Number Edition game for his birthday this year. He'll have a blast playing with his grandkids this Thanksgiving and beating their pants off, but he'll still be able to easily see and move the extra large tiles. And at less than $25, it's a reasonable gift that still feels special.

Rummikub for Kids - Rummikub Start Right $10.99
After watching their great-grandpa and all the adult relatives play Rummikub, my kids want to get in on the act! They have no idea they're learning important sorting and categorization skills by playing the kids' version of the game. Kids group their tiles by colors, numbers and shapes and develop logical reasoning...and have hours of fun. Game experts, this one is currently reigning supreme in our house, with both my three year old and almost six year old begging to play with us every night!

Thanks to Pressman Toys, I have one of each of these games to give away to you guys! Leave a comment with the game you'd most like to receive and the three winners will be randomly drawn next week. Mention on Twitter "@jessicaAPISS is giving away cool board games:" and you'll get a second entry in the drawing!

Note: My kids and I received free review copies of these 3 games.

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