Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Giveaway: Santa Buddies, The Legend of Santa Paws

The winners are Jenny, Courtney, Tricia and Bill!  Thanks everyone for entering!

On one of our bi-monthly visits to the public library (to pick up books, not play Madden NFL) my daughter Eve brought over a DVD from the video section with a bunch of golden retriever puppies wearing spacesuits on the front.  Since borrowing it was a) free and b) it looked harmless, I agreed.

And thus my kids' Buddies obsession began.  Lord help me. 

The Buddies franchise is a spin off of Air Bud.  In short, they're his litter.  Perpetually live-action puppies and using the technology developed in Babe, these doggies talk, crack benign jokes and get into scrapes.  They refer to each other as Buddy incessantly.  As in, "Somebuddy help him!"  "Everybuddy for himself!" The dogs' names are Budderball (the fat one), B-Dawg (the ghetto fabulous one), Rosebud (the chick), Buddha (the zen one) and Mudbud (the dirty dog), to give you an idea.

I thought I was raising cat kids.  You know, the kind that love their pets and are loved with feline affection in return, but also enjoy cats' independence and cleanliness, the thrill of leaving for a weekend with ne'er a call to a kennel, revel in not having to get up at 3am to walk a large animal in the snow or scoop up dumps larger than an elephant.

But now all my kids want is a golden retriever puppy STAT.  Preferably one that talks and makes cute remarks after it breaks wind.  My daughter sleeps with a huge stuffed golden retriever from Build-A-Bear that she's christened Rosebuddy and every night in her God Bless asks Jesus to make it come to life like Pinnochio

As you may have seen from the marketing campaign, the latest in the franchise is this season's Santa Buddies, The Legend of Santa Paws.  My kids have already watched it 5 times.   

Please take one of the four Blu-Ray/DVD combo packs of Santa Buddies I was sent off my hands.   Leave a comment and the four winners will be drawn in one week.

Just don't say I didn't warn you.

Disclosure:  My kids received a free copy for review.  Franks a rot Disney.

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