Monday, November 2, 2009

GIVEAWAY: ArtHouse DVD - Kids Draw Along With the Show for Interactive Fun

I love it when my kids can have an interactive, educational experience with the television...that does not involve video games! And the new DVD Art House Volume I: Basic Shapes and Animals sure fits the bill.

Kids grab their own paper and pencils/crayons and with a teacher leading them, reinforce their knowledge of shapes and fine motor skills in drawing. Then they use those shapes to draw fun animals! Amidst the tutorials are cute music videos with snazzy melodies and facts about the animals they've just drawn.

My three year old really loved it. She improved her drawing of shapes and learned new ways to produce the images that she envisions in her head on paper. My almost-six year old who loves to draw was game and had fun on a rainy afternoon drawing along...and then he took what he learned back to his boy-lair of a room to make the animals look tougher and more threatening. The producers of the show recommend it for kids 2 and up.

Leave a comment to win a free copy! I'll randomly draw the winner in one week.

Note: My kids received a free review copy to check out.

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