Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Giveaway - Thomas & Friends: Hero of the Rails, The Movie

Congrats to winner Natasha!

Thomas & Friends Hero of the Rails is a movie with the same trains your little ones know and love, but they're brand new and improved. The animation and effects are up to date and the trains actually speak to each other in their own voices, not just George Carlin and Alec Baldwin's!

Here's the movie's plot: Thomas discovers Hiro, an abandoned engine from a faraway land. To keep Hiro from being turned to scrap metal, Thomas rounds up a posse of pals like Gordon, Percy, James and even some new gangbangers engines Victor and Kevin to help Hiro out. Don't worry, they're all very useful engines and no one ends up down by the junkyard.

There's also special features on the DVD like a karaoke music video for your kids to sing along and some interactive trainy games.

Cost: $13.99 on Amazon & eligible for free shipping

Know a kid who's in love with all things choo-choo? Know a parent who's going cuckoo and could use an hour of Thomas as the electric nanny? Leave a comment to win a copy of this DVD!

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