Friday, August 21, 2009

Emily Osment (from Hannah Montana) Prizepack Giveaway

Congrats to Nadia and her daughter, the randomly drawn winners of the prize pack!

Out of all the giveaways I've offered (or, rather the p.r. peeps that love mom blogs have offered), the Hannah Montana stuff has received some of the most excited responses.

And you know how I love to oblige.

This time Hannah's sidekick on the Disney show, Lilly Truscott - real name Emily Osment - is breaking free from Miley's shadow with her new tweeny pop single, All The Way Up.

You can listen to the song on Emily's website, and if you dig it, purchase it at Rhapsody. My kids like its high-energy drive, and I will confess I've been running to's a good fast workout song and sort of Belinda Carlisle-ish.

And in honor of All The Way Up's release, her label Wind-Up Records is giving away to one APISS reader a cool prizepack that contains

  • An autographed photo from Emily Osment herself
  • A fan-tastic t-shirt in your child's size
  • A tote bag to carry around her loot with pride
Know a kid that would be stoked by this stuff? Then just leave a comment below and I'll draw the winner in one week.

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