Monday, August 31, 2009

Best Makeup for Moms (or this mom, at least)

I wish I could say "I never wear makeup." The truth is, if I'm not wearing even a little bit for any activity other than athletics, that was a decision made purely due to time constraints. In my (wince) mid-thirties, I am finally comfortable admitting that a small amount of tastefully placed makeup product greatly enhances my cuteness factor.

Here are the products that I heartily endorse and personally purchase. No marketing peeps have had any influence at all in these choices and I have not received any free or review products. I've learned to love these items through years of trial and error and credit card bills.


This stuff is super lightweight and doesn't make me look like I'm wearing a thick paste of browny-beige goop. In fact, it makes me look like I'm not wearing a gosh darn thing besides my skin...except my pimples, age spots, undereye circles and red-nosed discolorations have all miraculously vanished. It's an awesome paradox: completely sheer but offers complete coverage. Love love love.

My dear friend Jennifer McGraw introduced me to this ingenious tinted moisturizer from Arbonne that uses all natural, plant-based products. I love how in one squirt it takes care of giving my skin a drink and cleverly covers my imperfections. It's perfect for when I'm in a rush or heading to a super casual what-me-wear-makeup? event.


I used to pay gosh knows how much for Bobbi Brown concealer cream and powder. Then Neutrogena came out with this copycat stuff that does just as great a job at covering up undereye circles and weird stuff...for a quarter of the price. Since I don't like a super powdery look (too reminiscent of my days as an 8th grade Clean & Clear compact carrier,) the powder that comes with the concealing cream is all I use to control T-zone shine.


Bobbi Brown Blush in Peony $27 (lasts a year at least...unless you seek work as a clown) OK, I may be too cheap to still pony up for Bobbi's concealer, but her blush is worth every penny. The fashion mags say that a clear pink is perfect for all skin tones and that pink is cooler for fall '09 than bronzey shades. And this blush is super-pigmented to last super long. I bought the same Peony blush that's in my makeup bag right now at BlogHer 2008 and there's no hint that it's anywhere close to out - it looks brand new after one year.


Three eyeshadow colors - a neutraly taupe, a dark brown or gray for the crease and a third color like bronze or plum for special occasions - all colors chosen to make your personal eye color pop. For $3.49, sign me up. I have two of the sets that are especially for blue eyes, but there's also sets for green and brown-eyed girls too. Great quality makeup and a great deal!


So, every penny I saved on the shadow I'm throwing down for the liner, but I swear, this crayony pencil is smear proof and takes about seven years off my eyes. I like the plum color over the brown or black because it looks lighter and more mellow but still defines the peepers.


It took me ten years to learn that well-groomed eye brows will forgive a multitude of other makeup and getting ready mistakes. With an eyebrow pencil that matches my natural eyebrow color and some concealer, no one has to know how long it's been since I've had them professionally waxed into submission.


LORAC Publicity Stunt Mascara $19
Great name, great mascara. I love how it doesn't clump, doesn't look fake and comes with this cool comb on the end of the wand to make your lashes look even more natural.


Trish McEvoy Maxed Out Gloss Kit in Girl Scout $28
Lip gloss and moisturizer are the two things I really can't live without, and having 8 neutral shades at the ready makes me happy. I love and wear every single one of these shades, and each one is more sheer and mellow and easy to pull off than it looks in the picture.


Versace Versense Parfum 1.7 oz for $42.99
It's hard to choose perfume that smells clean and light and unlike a bathroom air freshener. So I walked up to an especially competent looking lady at Saks and told her that I wanted a scent that's fresh and green and smells like newly cut grass. This is what she handed me and I've been smelling non-potty like and pretty ever since.


Arbonne NutriMinC® RE9 REpair Corrective Eye Crème $25
Another amazing Arbonne find by my friend and partner-in-crime from frat parties to playdates to room mothering, Jennifer McGraw. Since she turned me on to this stuff, I really believe the fine lines by my eyes are diminished, erasing some of the evil sun damage that came as the special bonus gift with my tan.


Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser $5.99
My dermatologist recommended this stuff as even better than Cetaphil for acne-prone skin that's dry. God bless her, because I was at my wit's end trying to find something that would control my breakouts but not make my skin feel papery and dried out.


Oil of Olay Beauty Serum for Sensitive Skin $10.34
I can slather my face with this stuff and know that I won't break out. Because I'm at that lucky place in life where I have zits and wrinkles both. Rad.

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