Tuesday, April 7, 2009

EARTH DAY GIVEAWAY: 15 Copies of Handy Manny - Manny's Green Team

Giveaway closed - the 15 lucky winners have been notified.

Looking for a fun way to celebrate Earth Day on April 22 with your preschool age kids? The newest DVD from Handy Manny, Manny's Green Team, should fit the bill.

The calm, collected and Wilmer Valderrama-voiced Manny is working to preserve the Earth's resources with the help of his wacky talking tools. On this DVD, the toolbox team will help baby turtles swim to safety, save the baking soda volcanoes at the science fair and discover solar energy. That baby turtle episode? Never seen before on regular Disney Channel programming. I know, that is crazy hot...to four year olds! If you're the bonus features type, the DVD includes an interactive game and green living tips for your child to teach the entire family.

Want one of these babies for your very own? Simply leave a comment with an eco-savvy tip or a local Earth Day event you know of (Yup, I'm making you do my job for me, I suck) by Friday night April 10 and I'll randomly draw the 15 winners this weekend.

Handy Manny: Manny's Green Team
Cost: $12.99

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