Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mo-om! The bathroom smells like salad!

Contrary to what my children may tell you, this is not the reason our bathrooms smell of vinegar:

bathroom salad

It's because I've been cleaning with plain white vinegar, baking soda and other natural materials in an attempt to be more green and use cleansers with less toxins. However, I'm not finding these methods to be as effective as the old school bleachy stuff my mom had in her cleaning caddy. And my kids can't stand the salad smell.

Well, SC Johnson has just launched a new line of natural cleaners, Nature's Source. They're made of simple, biodegradable, plant-based materials. Apparently Nature's Source cleaners have the cleaning power of Windex and Scrubbing Bubbles - making them green but mighty. And according to other mom users, they smell divine. I'll be checking out Nature's Source cleaners this week.

Why am I putting the contents of my crisper in my powder room? Only the Parent Bloggers could make me do it.

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