Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cat Hair - A Small Price to Pay for Unconditional Love


UPDATE: Since I heard so much about this product, I actually went out and bought a Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair today with my own hard-earned mama cash, no freebie. And I can honestly say that this tool is great! I love that I can get the cat off my furniture without having to go to the trouble of hooking up my vacuum cleaner upholstery attachment and it is much more effective than an old school tape-based lint roller. This product cost me less than $5 on sale at Safeway today and was worth it!

After adopting my first cat ten years ago, I am now officially a cat person. I've also instilled this feline love in my children, who adore their very own darling Siamese, Peter Pan of Neverland (aka Petey), pictured above.

There's just one small point where my cat love and I part ways: CAT HAIR.

I dress almost entirely in black, and I am the sole maid and laundress in my household. My love of my dear kitty is ardent and forgiving, for I am constantly waging a war against those tell-tale white hairs sticking to things. From the red wool rug, the microfiber sofa, the velvety chair cushions, my computer key board and a certain corner of my bed I am constantly removing Petey's soft white hairs. There are lint brushes stashed in every closet, in the car and on each family member's bureau.

Thank goodness Pledge™ has come out with the new Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair. The Pledge folks are having so much fun with their new product, they thought they'd give consumers' pets a chance to redeem themselves with the Show Off Your Shedder contest. Go to the contest site, upload a photo of your pet on his favorite piece of furniture, and you might win $5,000 cash and a year’s supply of the new Pledge™ Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair.

Here's Pete on another one of his fave pieces of furniture - the high chair. Don't even think of how quickly cat hair can stick to sliced banana...ewww.


Why am I revealing myself to be such a crazy cat lady? It's all for the Parent Bloggers baby!

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