Tuesday, January 20, 2009

SKINN Dimitri James: My New Favorite Beauty Products

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Every so often a girl's got to add some new tricks and tools to her hottification repertoire. Me thinks the dead of winter, when one's tanless, too afraid of the below freezing temps to hit the gym every morning and guilty of too many Christmas cocktails and cookies, is the perfect time. Here are my latest faves, courtesy of
Skinn Dimitri James:

Skinn Wet Shine Lip Glosses $12.50 each
I'm a lip gloss fanatic and these glossiest of glosses are my new best friends forever. They're even better (and cheaper!) than the Lancome Juicy Tubes and they remind me of Bobbi Brown's old lip glosses with the brush that she doesn't make anymore.

The Skinn Wet Shines are super duper shiny and provide perfect lips without having to use lipliner or lipstick and risk getting old lady cracks and creases. They're very hydrating and doing a better job of preventing chapped lips than my Burt's Bees balms. Colors: I'm partial to the Clear for natural look days or nights that I really go heavy on the eye makeup, and Anaranja as a great shimmery neutral that is peachy without being too orange.

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Skinn Full Body Lift Stretch Mark & Firming Serum $36
I know, I know. Nothing one can buy in a tube can magically erase the effects of pregnancy, genetics, age and too many tacos. But I'm loving the temporary effects of this serum for nights that I want to show a little skin. The Full Body Lift Serum is great at plumping up the top layer of skin to give a smoother, more toned look to body parts than just plain old moisturizer. I've been rubbing into my upper arms, cleavage and thighs when wearing cocktail dresses and sleeveless tops, and it truly gives the appearance of better tone. Fleshy areas look less lumpy bumpy frumpy and more yummy mummy.

If you're the type to log serious time in your bikini, you could use on your midriff and booty jiggle too. But since I'm often required to perform cannonballs off the diving board and other mom feats, I'll stick to my J. Crew one piece and save the fancy serum for my arms and legs on date nights. I'm thinking this stuff will be a godsend when warm weather hits and above-the-knee skirts without stockings are in order.

Skinn Runway Ready Collagen Boost Firming Eye Shadow $21.50 for 8 shades

Do these eyeshadows really give your eyes a boost of anti-aging collagen and firm droopy lids? I don't know. But wearing these shades has given my look and confidence a boost and the price is fabulous. I'm a former devotee of Estee Lauder's shadows and they're $17.50 for a single shade. That's pricey. Skinn's set has 8 colors that are department store quality and quantity. Drugstore shades tend to smear and fade and have a weird party in my crease. These stay put and look good all day and night.

Each of the four eye shadow sets (Cool Casual, Cool Formal, Warm Casual, Warm Formal) has the important bright white to put in the inner eye corner and beneath the brows, lighter shades for the lid and deep shades for crease, corners, using as eyeliner and creating a more dramatic look. I like the Warm Formal set for its palette of bronzes, browns, purples and greys. (There's a dark green too, but I have to admit I haven't been adventurous enough to use.) The shimmer level is modern and not cheesy.

And again, it's only $21.50 for 8 fancy colors that will last me a good while. Because even though I love new beauty products, I love a good deal even more.

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