Thursday, December 18, 2008

'Cause I'm Your Laaaadddyyyy

If you're a fan of Celine Dion or just love great live entertainment - I hear her Vegas show was super fun - check out Celine’s Taking Chances World Tour. Her North American tour dates have been extended into February ’09 so take a look and see if she’s coming to your town. Celine’s concert tickets may just be the perfect gift for a friend, family member or yourself. See what the show is like here.

If you too have a blog, a MySpace page or other social media thingamajig or know all the words to That's the Way It Is, you can win some very cool prizes from the One to One network by posting a Celine widget and helping promote her tour. That's what I'm doing right here. Yes I have to admit that it's all coming back to me noooowww.

You can join One to One too, just mention Jessica McFadden of APISS as your referral, and you too can ruin your indie-music-local-band-groupie street cred. But then we can tease our hair and go shake our mom booties together and see Celine! Squeee!

There, I feel like a natural woman. Is Oprah on?

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