Friday, November 28, 2008

Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway Winners!!!!

Ahhh, it's so fun to play Santa, especially with these fabulous retail donors doing the gifting! All winners are listed here and all also received a personal email from me letting them know that they won, so if you have the same name as one of the ones listed here but did not receive an email, please check your spam folder.

If I'm not in your spam folder, you probably share the same name as the winner, unfortunately. But there will be more giveaways on the site leading up to Christmas and Hanukkah, including one today from The Trendy Bebe!

Four people's numbers were drawn twice, 45% of commenters won something and 100% of the winners were female. All in all there were 78 awesome pieces of loot to enjoy yourselves or gift to a loved one. This is my kind of shopping!

Thanks to each and every one of you for reading this site and commenting on posts.

And without futher ado, here are the lucky winners of the holiday gift guide giveaways.

Lands End, winners choice - Eve W.

Discovery Biometric Safe - Cecily C.

Lincoln Logs - Joanna A. (Joanna - your email bounced back! Please email me.)

Discovery Recycling Studio - Lauren D.

Nintendo Smart Boys Toys Club - Megan W.

Nintendo Smart Girls Magical Book Club - Michelle G.

Nintendo Smart Girls Party Game - Alison H.

Care Bears DVDs - Sara O.

Strawberry Shortcake DVDs - Political Mom

Hannah Montana Glitter Studio from Elmer's - Bonggamom

Story Time Felts $25 Gift Certificate - Tina

Jumpstart Preschool 3D CD-Rom - Jennifer McG., Patricia, Leticia, KTP

Charbridge Whimsical Hat - Jessica C.

Zutano Baby Outfit - Allison L.

Swell Foop Tees - Amy M., Patti L., Alexandra

Lavender Dreams Baby - Sara M.

Baby Legs - Jen B., Danielle E., Amy (Danielle - your email bounced back! Please email me.)

Masala Bhagra Workout - Karen

Shains Ware Bracelets - Dana, Carla, Sarah, Sandie, Kimberly

Wett Gigglez Soap - Leslie

Swiggies - Wendy S.

BYOB Eco-Bag - Amy W.

House of Jerky - Lisa-Marie, Shannon

iFrogz iPhone Cover - Toni G.

Cosabella Undies - Meredith M.

Ethel Garden Gloves - Dolly G.

SNAP Design Wallet/Coin Purse Combo - Patti L.

Scandle Candles - Heather B., Nicole Z., Doreen, Alexandra T., Tisha, Cat, Keli, Pam, Kim L., Callie

Karafe game - Katie M.

Gourd Birdhouses - Becky H., Lizzie

Numi Teas Blooming Gift Set - Leticia

Satin Hands Gift Set - Stacy

Sarah Pinto Planner - Betty

Bombshell Studios Cable Twist Scarf - Jennifer B.

CVS Photo Book - Jeannie

become: Body Scrub - Jodi

Five Good Minutes - Jennifer B.S.

Passion Parties Bubble Bath - Jill

UPEK Eikon To Go - Cindy

The Balanced Mom - Elissa

Grill Charm - Elizabeth L.

Remington Personal Groomer - Jane

Remington ShortCut Hair Clipper -Lori

SpeedRacer for Sony Playstation - Kim P., Amy

OGIO Taylor Skate Pack - Jennifer M.

Butch & Harold Sticker "Frames" - Kristen H.

Voice Lessons To Go - Catherine M.

Meeting Lizzy - Lilith

Tassi Hair Band - Elizabeth C.

Silikids Gift Pack - MaryBeth S. (MaryBeth - your email bounced back! Please email me.)

On Tray Supermarket Snacker - Lisa-Marie

The Parent Trip - Gina R.

Baby Monkey Onesie - Stephanie P.

The Rookie Moms Handbook - Chiquita

The Anytime, Anywhere Chill Guide - Angelina

Thanks everyone!!!

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