Thursday, October 9, 2008

Play-Doh Magic Swirl Ice Cream Shoppe

Remember the Play-Doh Mop Top Hair Shop? Come on, you or your next door neighbor totally had one and had oodles of fun making the little dudes' hair and beards grow.

For our children's generation, Play Doh has introduced the brand new for 2008 Play-Doh Magic Swirl Ice Cream Shoppe. My kids have spent several quiet, busy afternoons making brightly colored sundaes and cones and having a fabulous time!

The kit is large enough for both children to happily play together. Yup, even my two bicker buddies. At just $14.99 (UPDATE, thanks to Janel: enter Promo Code FALL20 at checkout to save 20%/$3 and get free shipping, for a grand total of just $11.99! Valid through October 13) I'm thinking this is a GREAT holiday present to give to sibling sets of nieces and nephews this Christmas, as our retail budget may not allow for individual gifts. The big box came with about 50 Play-Doh accessories, even contraptions that made sprinkles and cherries like a real ice cream parlor. It also came with 4 of the big cans of Play-Doh. I'm sure that come December, the colors will be totally mixed and thrashed, so I'll be picking up some new cans of the Doh for easy, cost-effective stocking stuffers. I'm also a fan of giving those little cans out to Trick or Treaters at Halloween and in birthday goodie bags.

Now I know that this will prompt you crafty types to send me your recipes for homemade play dough, but in my consumerist opinion, I prefer the tried-and-true Play-Doh I pick up at Target. It just cleans up better and the kids love the smell and consistency. I've made my own, purchased the cheaper Rose Art versions, but good ol' Play-Doh is just the best. It doesn't stick to the molds and has a longer shelf life.

My baby boomer-aged neighbor, a grandmother herself, was over this morning and upon seeing the kids play with the Ice Cream Shoppe she could not get over how easily the set was for the kids to maneuver and reuse. She remarked that the old Play Doh sets of the eighties were a you-know-what to clean out between uses, with little bits of multi-colored goo sticking to the roots and scalp of the barbershop patrons. But with the Ice Cream Shoppe, my two year old could remove the swirly top of a cone or contents of the soft server, plop it back in the Play-Doh container and continue playing.

The Ice Cream Shoppe play set is recommended for ages 3 & up - I'm guessing in order to avoid younger kids actually trying to consume their creations. But hey, we all know Play Doh's non-toxic!

Cost: $14.99 - or $11.99 & free shipping when you enter FALL20 at Habro's checkout! Valid through October 13.

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