Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Venus Embrace - Hair Removal Nirvana

I've tried lots of different razors in the shower for legs and underarms, and the new 5 blade Venus Embrace is the best I've ever used. I picked one up at CVS last night and am in love. If I didn't sprout a Malboro Man-esque handlebar blonde mustache or have a serious eyebrow tweezing addiction that prevents me from ever stopping once I begin, I would never darken the doors of a waxer again. The Venus Embrace is that good.

I was a 15 year devotee of a new Daisy Plus disposable every week and then in my late 20s I went through a leg waxing phase that I thought would make me eventually hairless and hot (didn't work, just ate up a ton of money and time.) Then I had kids and got practical and moved on to the new multi-blade replaceable models of razors. I tried the original 3 blade Venus, the Venus Vibrance and the Schick Intuition. I didn't get the point of the vibrating action of the Vibrance and the Intuition's big moisturizing head was bulky, didn't flex over ankles and knees and I was afraid all that moisturizer stuff would get moldy. This mildew aversion means I'm totally turning into my mom.

Anyways, the Venus Embrace is by far the best. My legs are smooth, moisturized, nick-red bump-ingrown-little hairs you see beneath the surface but cannot get to-stubborn blonde knee mohawk hair-free. I think it's the shape, how the head of the razor moves and flexes when you shave, the moisturizing strips and especially the super sharp FIVE blades.

Cost: $12ish for the new razor and 2 blades, $14ish for 4 pack of blade refills

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